Live Better Tulum Retreat

welcome to maya tulum.

Where: Maya Tulum, Tulum, Q.R., Mexico

When: March 9-14, 2019

What: 6-day / 5-night Live Better Retreat Experience in the barefoot luxury capital of the world. Ancient Mayan tradition combined with beach workouts, community dinners, epic yoga flows, actionable workshops to upgrade your life, one-on-one coaching sessions, beach bonfires, and sunrise meditation to flow and move better...sign me the F up. This isn’t just “yoga and chill” - it’s everything to help you Live Better.

Show me how epic this trip is going to be.

Want a preview of a prior Live Better Retreat? Ryland Hormel, our awesome Head of Creative at Live Better, crushed the video in El Salvador and our dear friend Noel Alvarenga shot this “stop motion” photo montage in Nicaragua. Along with receiving photos of you killing it on the trip, you'll be coached by Nike Trainers & Barry's Bootcamp Instructors Jason Loebig & Bret Gornik. We'll do yoga as a big group in the Ixchel Hall, workout on the beach, and do workshops like learning to hone your productivity, discipline, and *purpose, and you'll receive a one-on-one coaching session to maximize your value on the trip.

Think the best vibes ever, making friends for life, learning strategies to improve your health and well-being, and engaging with some of the coolest people on earth. Ready for more life?

Retreat Testimonials (from past trips).

“Live Better Co completely lives up to their motto "best day ever" through their retreats, in which the "best week ever" comprises a collection of individual "best ever" events and experiences. And as the "best ever" motto continues to permeate your perspective, every moment takes on new significance: the "best ever" interactions with 30 new friends, "best ever" "lightbulb" moment in a coaching session, "best ever" smile spread across your face because you're blissed AF. In addition to being the most positive people I've met, Jason, Bret, and Ryland are incredibly knowledgeable about movement, nutrition, wellness, mindfulness, and goal visualization, and are passionate about helping each retreat participant on their individual path toward living better…we truly became a Live Better Family, and I have no doubt that I made some lifelong friends in Nicaragua.”

— Nicole K || Maderas Village || March 2018

Best Week Ever Nicaragua @noel.alva-35.jpg

“It’s safe to say that over the course of just six days, my time spent with Bret, Jason and the entire Live Better team changed my life for the better - pun intended. My story is a little unique in the fact that two weeks prior to the trip, I had just met Bret after a Barry’s Bootcamp class. At this time in my life, I was still overcoming severe anxiety, depression, and the overpowering feeling of loneliness in a city that promotes the opposite of all those things. After my quick and memorable chat with Bret and learning more about what Live Better does and stands for, I knew this trip could and would change my life. Never in my wildest imagination did I think I’d ever travel to the country of El Salvador, with 14 strangers, just for the sake of trying to “find myself” or seek some answers. Within those incredible six days: I met my new best friend, who ends up living just a few blocks from me in the city; I let go of self-doubt, and pressed the reset button on my future; I challenged myself, both mentally and physically, and on the other side came out stronger. The mantra “best day ever” is truly what I strive for each and every day, and I cannot put into words how incredibly thankful I am to have met Bret, Jason, and Ryland, and to have said YES to trusting the process.”

— Lauren F || El Salvador || November 2019


The Property

A barefoot luxury oasis to take life to the next level.

The award-winning resort offers the largest secluded stretch of beach in Tulum, along with a Wellness Center featuring a wide variety of therapeutic treatments. Enjoy quiet moments of reflection in our oceanfront Meditation Labyrinth and be lulled to sleep by the sound of the lapping Caribbean Sea. For more than 30 years, Maya Tulum Resort has been one of Mexico’s top destinations for yoga and wellness retreats. Drawing inspiration from the native Mayan culture, the Resort offers groups a variety of unique services and amenities focused on the total healing of the mind, body and spirit - from relaxing spa treatments to beachfront yoga.


What does a sample day look like on a Live Better Retreat Experience?


7 am - "Morning Mobility" (performance breathing, soft-tissue release, and dynamic stretching to start your day)

8:00 am - Coffee (lots of it…or matcha if you go green)

8:01 am – Team Performance Training #1 (NTC-inspired athletic workout)


12 pm – Get your one-on-one coaching session with Bret & Jason. Talk about anything from changing jobs to fitness and nutrition, or talk about pursuing a side hustle with a dose of adrenaline and creativity. This is your time to action on your dreams. We're here to listen and connect with you individually to learn about your story and help you on your journey.

2 pm – Perfect time for a nap in your hammock, join one of our optional handstand workshops, or explore the local area for some acai bowls.


4:30 pm – Health Workshop: let’s do some 80/20 analysis on the best things to focus on for fitness, nutrition, sleep and stress management, and mindfulness. Let's make health and wellness the sustainable fuel to help you crush your job and your life.

5:30pm – The Best Flow Ever – yoga at sunset to the sounds of the ocean. Taught by Bret and Jason together, let your body and mind find their flow in a playful, athletic, fun practice. Learn to headstand (we've helped hundreds do their first) or do your first Warrior II.

7:30 pm – Community Dinner in the Cabana, overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Local, amazing food prepared family style with vibes jamming in the background.

9 pm – A glass of wine to help the stories and conversation flow from the day.

10 pm (and on) Fall asleep dreaming of how your life changed today, and will again with the sunrise tomorrow...Best Day Ever.

10.24.2018, Wednesday Pic 3 (DJI Mavic Pro - Tulum Biking).jpg

Other things we feel like you should know...

Everyone comes on a Live Better Retreat for different reasons, from different places, and in different places. We use health and wellness strategies to help you live your best life, whether that means heading out on your own as an entrepreneur, getting back on your feet after something didn't go your way, or finding some guidance in a time of transition. You might know your path, and we'll help you blaze it. If you're not quite sure, we'll help you search.

Nothing we do on this trip is mandatory. We simply provide the tools - you implement them how you see fit. If you're struck with the urge to explore, take a work call, journal, or nap, you're encouraged to do it.  Yoga is all levels, as are the workouts. Whether you're a pro or a first-timer, we'll make sure you find growth in discomfort and success in putting yourself out there.

We have one retreat rule: be (unapologetically) yourself. We need you to be.

(Dreamy Vibes) + (Great Conversations) + (Bold Action) = Live Better Experience

I want you to imagine yourself sitting at your desk, or in your home, the Monday morning after the retreat. Is it the "same old shit" or is it a whole new ballgame? Expand the size of your world, and seek others who are expanding theirs.

"You are a victim of the rules you live by" - Jen Holzer.

We're rewriting the rules you live by. Game f***ing on.

Alright, obviously I'm do I book my spot?

Sign-ups are done first-come, first-serve by visiting the link below. The dopest rooms are up for grabs (side note: all rooms are dope).

If you have a specific question, please email us at

All rooms are *shared* rooms (of the same sex and they will be cool people). If you are booking with a roommate, please let us know and we will coordinate getting your squad in a private room. If you are booking as a solo traveler, you'll be placed with other incredible human beings you'll vibe with and be friends forever.

Pre-Sale Price: $2,500 per person (this will only last until 12/15/18)

Pricing includes the following:

  • 3 meals per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) served buffet style (plant-based nutrition with fish only, no meat), along with coffee, buffet juices, coffee, and house teas. Meals start with dinner on day of arrival (Saturday) and end with breakfast on day of departure (Thursday). The resort can accommodate any dietary preference - please let us know!

  • Transportation to and from the resort in Mexico

  • All on-site retreat activities, which includes yoga, workshops, workouts, coaching sessions, group discussions, bonfire and ocean ceremonies, Temazcal (sweat-lodge), sound meditation, and the meals included above.

  • One off-site group activity to be coordinated by Live Better

  • Bonfire drinks we supply on the last night of workshops

Pricing does not include the following (you will be responsible):

  • Flights

  • Additional off-site activities you explore (local food, shopping, cenotes, extra excursions, etc)

  • Spa services (Maya Tulum has an incredible spa you should take advantage of)

  • Alcohol (beer, wine, spirits)

  • A la carte food items ordered from the menu (extra eggs, smoothies, or stuff if you’re hungry in between designated meal times)



when you allow yourself the luxury of doing, creating, and pursuing whatever it is you dream about.

want to learn more and meet us first? Schedule a 15-min Skype call with a team member. Just send us an email at

Meet Your Retreat Leaders

Jason Loebig

Co-Founder, Nike Trainer, Barry's Bootcamp Instructor, Yoga Instructor

Loves: Backflips, Bulletproof Coffee, Hugs

Favorite Retreat Activity: Surfing at sunset

Spirit Animal: Lab puppy

bret gornik

Co-Founder, Nike Trainer, Barry's Bootcamp Instructor, Yoga Instructor

Loves: Superfoods, MS Excel, Bieber Mic's

Favorite Retreat Activity: Productivity workshop

Spirit Animal: Honey Bee

ryland hormel

Chief Creative Officer, Photographer, Videographer, Creative Storyteller

Loves: Moose the malamute, California, Cordyceps

Favorite Retreat Activity: Beach bonfires at night

Spirit Animal: Chimpanzee

Travel Logistics


How do I get to maya tulum?

Fly into Cancun International Airport (CUN). Once we receive your flight information, we will arrange private transportation from the airport to Maya Tulum. All transportation costs (excluding the flight) are included in your retreat package.

Promise us you won't drink too many cocktails and miss your flight, and we'll be there waiting for you when you arrive, private transport and all, to bring you to paradise.

A final note...

It always has (and it always will) be about the pursuit of having the best day ever, every single day. We've worked with CEO's, world famous content creators, professional athletes, musicians, weekend warriors, and wandering souls alike on how to incorporate the best wellness strategies into crushing life head on.

It's not about turning people into yoga teachers, or beach bums, or teaching people how to "chill." It's about turning you into the optimal version of yourself for your goals on your path. We are both humbled and hungry to help you on your mission, and make it ours to give you individualized attention in the context of a community atmosphere. Two minds are greater than one, and a village is greater than two.

Please let us know how we can help, and we look forward to doing so. #ExperienceLiveBetter

Have the best day ever,

Jason Loebig, Co-Founder | Bret Gornik, Co-Founder | Ryland Hormel, Chief Creative Officer

If you're looking to connect with us further, check out our once-weekly email below