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Episode #10 Tom Malterre - Author of The Elimination Diet

Tom Malterre

Show Notes

3:40 - What is functional medicine?

10:58 - What are some of the personal changes you have made in your life and what does your diet look like?

13:34 - Does anything you do in your morning routine that drive your creative juices?

16:45 - Do you Journal in the morning?

21:35 - Can you share the coolest or most impactful experience has been working within the health space?

23:19 - What is the biggest risk you've ever taken?

26:45 - Can you lead me through how you would lead me through gluten free and how/why it is important to be gluten free?

30:40 - How has your philosophy on life changed as you have ages?

33:43 -Why is broccoli so amazing

39:12 - How often would you tell someone to eat broccoli and do you like a blend of cruciferous vegetables?


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