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The Live Better Show takes on top performing professionals in their respective fields, chatting about anything from morning routines, creative processes and bio-hacks to healthy habits and travel destinations.

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Episode #1: Bret Gornik - Live Better Co-Founder & Chief Optimization Officer


Bret is a thought leader in superfood nutrition, morning routines, data optimization and "big ideas." In this episode, we get into everything from spirit animals to favorite travel spots. Bret has a unique view point on life: Have the best day ever, every day (the Live Better motto). If he's not watching David Wolfe videos he's likely to be chef'ing up some delicious smoothie bowls or "going ham". No matter how much coffee you drink or sleep you get, it's tough to match his energy level and high spirit.

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Instagram: @Bret_Gornik   Twitter: @Bret_Gornik

Episode #2: Jason Loebig - Live Better Co-Founder & Chief Life Officer

Honey Comb Profile.jpg


Jason is a life-long fitness and adventure junky. In this episode, we here about some of Jason's favorite travel places (all over the world), who should be on your health "team", and how Tim Ferriss has shaped his learning habits. Jason has a unique background - with certification ranging from personal training and yoga to public accounting, he has a corporate foundation and a rebel outlook. If you can catch him in Chicago, you're lucky. If not, check the mountains...or lakes...or oceans.

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Instagram: @JasonLoebig    Twitter: @JasonLoebig

Episode #3: Abel James - "The Wild Diet" & "The Fat-Burning Man Show"

Abel James Photo.jpg


Abel James is the #1 best-selling author of “The Wild Diet”, podcast guru and creator of the “Fat-Burning Man Show”, top 10 App Developer, musician, entrepreneur, and health crusader. In this episode, we chat with Abel about how he started his business, myths about "dieting", his experience in the food industry, and how he's changing the world. Abel’s work has been featured in WIRED Magazine, Paleo Living, and various media outlets in business, technology, psychology, and health. Within its first year, Abel’s Fat-Burning Man Show rose to the #1 most popular health podcast in the United States and United Kingdom and went on to top the charts in more than 7 countries across the world.

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Instagram: @fatburningman    Twitter: @fatburnman

Website: Fatburningman.com

Episode #4: Cliff Hodges - CEO & Founder of Adventure Out


Cliff is an accomplished entrepreneur and outdoor guide (and holds a Bachelors and Masters Degree from MIT...); traveling the world to climb mountains, surf big waves, study with indigenous tribes, and lead groups of clients ranging from school groups to corporate executives to tap in to their true potential through wilderness adventures. At the heart of his management style and mission statement is the desire to cultivate environmental stewardship. Hodges has been featured in international publications such as Outside Magazine and Popular Mechanics, and has been featured on the National Geographic Channel.

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Instagram: @cliffhodges    Twitter: @cliff_hodges

Website: Adventureout.com

Episode #5: Adam Lowy - Founder of Move For Hunger


Adam represents the New York City Hub of the World Economic Forum's Global Shapers Community. In 2011 he was honored at the VH1 Do Something Awards for his commitment to creating social change. Adam was also honored in Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2014. By teaming up with relocation companies across the country, Move For Hunger is creating one of the nation’s largest year-round service programs. Movers offer to pick up the unwanted, non-perishable food items from those who are moving and deliver it to their local food banks. Adam founded Move For Hunger in the summer of 2009 after years of seeing so much food wasted when people move - he's been helping millions ever since. 

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Instagram: @moveforhunger   Website: moveforhunger.org

Episode #6: Marc Missioreck, Max 'The Body' Philisaire, & Massy Arias


This is a unique Live Better Show episode featuring an interview with Marc Missioreck, The Fit Expo VP of Sales & Sponsorships and selected answers from our podcasts with Fit Expo special guests Max "The Body" Philisaire (@maxthebody) and Massy Arias (@massy.arias). They are thought leaders, movers and shakers in their industry, and provide insight into their training, mindset, and approach to health & wellness. The Fit Expo provides a vast array of programming elements all under one roof including; Group Exercise, Fashion Shows, CrossFit, Parkour, Kids Zone, and the Healthy Eating & Living Pavilion...to name a few! 

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Instagram: @thefitexpo | @maxthebody@massy.arias

Website: TheFitExpo.com | MaxTheBodyClub.com | MassyArias.com

Episode #7: Phil Heath - 5x Mr Olympia & IFBB Pro


Phil “The Gift” Heath is an IFBB Pro & 5-Time Mr. Olympia title holder (currently in pursuit of #6) looks towards the future in attaining more Olympia titles, hopefully breaking the all-time record of 8 Mr Olympia’s. Heath’s intention is to “represent the sport of bodybuilding in a way that many people can relate to while maintaining the respect the sport deserves. Phil is a prior D-1 athlete, playing basketball for University of Denver. He currently participates with the “Make it Fit Foundation” for increasing autism awareness, and owns Gifted Athletics, his apparel company.

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Instagram: @philheath  Twitter: @philheath

Website: phillipheath.com


Episode #8: Jon Call aka JUJIMUFU - The Anabolic Acrobat


Jon is a 5'11" 240 pound beast that can not only lift over 400 pounds, but do a standing chair split with 100 pounds over his head and a slew of back flips and other martial arts tricking moves.  His personality and humor are seconds to none.
We dive into his 500+ thousand Instagram followers, routines, and how to master so many skills.  This dude is jacked and extremely intelligent.  This episode takes place during the FitExpo event in Chicago and is worth listening to every second.


Want to see more of JUJIMUFU?

Instagram: @Jujimufu

Website: acrobolix.com

Episode #9: Massy Arias - Creator of #MA30Day


Massiel “Massy” Indhira Arias is the exuberant CPT who is changing lives and inspiring a new generation of trainers. She sets the example for how adopting a healthy diet and active lifestyle can change individual lives mentally, physically, and spiritually. She has committed herself to a healthy life with which she herself has emerged from depths of depression and physical limitations to become the glowing motivational force she is to millions around the world. Massy Arias inspires women (at over 2 million Instagram followers!) to be strong and proud as her determination and dedication to building physical and mental strength sets an empowering trend in fitness lifestyles.

Want to see more of Massy?

Instagram: @Massy.Arias

Website: MassyArias.com

Episode #10 Tom Malterre - Author of The Elimination Diet


Tom's energy lights up every room.  His background in functional medicine and Chinese herbalism gives him an in depth understanding of how whole food nutrition plays an important role in everyday living.  Author of  The Elimination Diet and The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook, Tom took all of his knowledge and laid it out in a simple to read format.  His ideas are found in the Origins documentary.  This show is outstanding. Tom dives into topics ranging from herbs, to gut health, to simple tactics on how to live better.

Want to see more of Tom?

Instagram: @TomMalterre & @WholeLifeNutrition

Website: WholeLifeNutrition.net



Episode #11: Leo Tropeano - Creator of Mugsy Jeans


Leo, former accountant, took a risk and ended up creating the most comfortable jeans ever.  He has developed his brand through expert marketing tactics and a passion for "freeing your balls".  Mugsy jeans are a slim fit with stretch.  We get into quitting your "real" job, how to start a business, and how freaking hard it is to HAM.  

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Instagram: @Mugsyjeans

Website: Mugsyjeans.com

Episode #12: Bret Gornik + Jason Loebig - Co-Founders of Live Better

Bret + Jason Podcast Pic.jpg


It's time to turn up!  Bret + Jason quit their jobs, followed their passion,  and started Live Better.  Listen in to learn why and how they did it.  They share their stories about understanding their passion, finding mentors, never slowing down, and always having the best day ever.  Are you ready to make this leap of faith?  If so, email, call, Facebook, or Instagram The Live Better Boys and they will help you crush your goals!

You own your life.  So just do it.

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Instagram: @LiveBetterCo   @Bret_Gornik   @JasonLoebig

Website: LiveBetterCo.Org

Episode #13: Lita Lewis - Fitness, Nutrition, & Lifestyle Expert 


Lita is living proof that if you follow your dreams you can do whatever it is you want to do with your life.  She had an incredible corporate job with high potential, but knew her dream was in fitness.  She moved on and now is crushing life.  Learn about her journey from Australia to New York to LA.  Lita teaches young women to become the best version of them self, whether skinny or curvy frames, that “You Fit” is all about accepting, embracing and building strong minds, being healthy for life, finding inner balance and pursuing and accomplishing personal growth - Your best You! 


Want to see more of Lita?

Instagram: @FollowTheLita

Website: LitaLewis.com

Episode #14: Jeana Anderson Cohen - Founder of aSweatLife.com


Jeana loves to workout and knows how important it is to always have a workout buddy.  She wanted to help everyone she knew try new workouts, get stronger, and link up with people who share the same interests.  Boom! aSweatLife started and Jeana has not looked back.  Learn about her story and how building a community around fitness has helped her positively impact so many others!


Want to see more of A Sweat Life?

Instagram: @asweatlife  & @jeanaandersoncohen

Website: asweatlife.com

Episode #15: Dickie - Co-Founder of all things Maderas


It is one thing to follow your passion, but it is another thing to start a village!  Dickie took his passion for creating and built the most epic resort/hotel/think tank/recording studio/surf camp/getaway in Nicaragua.  Maderas Village is designed for people that travel with purpose. People that enjoy staying up late as much as they do waking up early. That really appreciate the art of living well.


Want to see more of Dick & Maderas?

Instagram: @maderasdickie  & @maderasvillage

Website: maderasvillage.com

Episode #16: Mike Wasilisin - Founder of MoveU


MoveU is a thoughtfully crafted program to help every single person ever move better!  Mike talks about how to move, why we move, and how they have turned a passive industry into something where you must take control of your life!  This show is freaking hilarious, thoughtful, and deep!  Enjoy.


Want to see more of MoveU

Instagram: @MoveU_Official

Website: MoveU.com

Episode #17 - Dr. Jen Esquer - Founder of The Mobility Method

Doc Jen.jpg


Doc Jen gets into it all!  How and why she started her own business.  How to move.  Why to move.  The best ways to move.  Jen has so much knowledge on the subject of rehabilitation and corrective exercises it's an absolute pleasure to talk about why everoyne should use their bodies to the fullest.  She is an acro yogi and so much more!  Check our her Instagram for so much education and actual ways to improve.


Want to see more of Doc Jen?

Instagram: @docjenfit

Website: DocJenFit.com


Episode #18 - Dr. Jacob Harden - Myodetox Chiropractor



Dr. Jacob Harden is helping you live pain free one minute at a time! His Instagram videos are cataloged in a way to help you with any movement pattern you need.  He is super a genuine and passionate guy and his mission is heart felt.  In you have any questions, he is always down to answer his dm's.  Get out his live seminars all over the world.  Get up and get moving.


Want to see more of Dr. Harden?

Instagram: @dr.jacob.harden

Website: MyodetoxOrlando.com

Episode #20: Carl Paoli - Movement Specialist, Author (FreeStyle), Str/Ke MVMNT, Crossfit, Gymnastic



Carl is one of the best teachers ever.  He teaches much more than movement.  He teaches the celebration of movement.  Whether trying to do your first forearm plank or handstand, he will break it down to the basics and help you get there.  He is the author of Freestyle which is a moment based book breaking down moment.  He enjoys Crossfit, gymnastics, and multiple other types of movement.  A valued invested in Str/ke MVMNT he looks to build this business to help people move better.   Check out his movement seminars all over the world.


Want to see more of Carl?

Instagram: @carlpaoli

Website: CarlPaoli

Episode #21: Jay T. Maryniak @JTM_FIT - Type 1 Diabetic, Fitness Allstar, Recovering Addict, NASM - CPT



Jay is the prime example of using health and fitness to truly progress. Jay suffered from serious drug and alcohol addiction ad a super young age and turned to working out to find the answers. He masters a large variety of movement practicing from martial arts , to cross fit, to body building, to gymnastics, to mobility, and has now created a full moment program that encompasses just about everything. He was one of Men's Health Top Instagram accounts 2017 and continues to amaze everyone whit his athletic accomplishments.  


Want to see more of Jay?

Instagram: @jtm_fit

Website: jtmfit.com


Episode #22: F3 Co-Founders Tim Whitmire aka OBT & David Redding aka Dredd



F3 — Three Fs stand for Fitness, Fellowship and Faith — traces its roots to a men's free, participant-led boot camp workout held outside. OBT & Dredd dive into the mission and credo of F3, how to get involved, and why they do what they do. This workout is about creating a community through working out.  

Want to see more of F3?

Instagram: @f3nation_official

Website: f3nation.com

Episode #23: Eric Hinman - Serial Entrepreneur + Investor, Crossfit + Endurance Athlete, Life Badass



Eric lives his life through health and wellness.  He schedules his days for unlimited success. A two time Kona Ironman athlete, founder of business from insurance to a fast casual restaurant, this guy does it all. He breaks down the idea of adding value to the world on a super high level while making sure to take care of yourself as a priority.  

Want to see more of Eric?

Instagram: @erichinman

Website: erichinman.com


Episode #24: Alex Silver-Fagan - Creator of Flow Into Strong, Nike Master Trainer, Author, & Model

alex silver.jpg


Alex demonstrates how to make an impact on the world through action. She trains clients, coaches group workouts, writes books, travels the world, and leads by example. Her personality lights up a room! She has dealt with depression and is always willing to lend a hand for anyone who needs help. Using health and wellness to fuel herself, she turned that into an amazing career. This story is one for the books. 

Want to see more of Alex?

Instagram: @alexsilverfagan

Websitre: alexsilverfagan.com

Episode #25: JJ Thomas - Olympic Medalist, Shaun White's Snowboard Coach, Surfer, and So Much More

jj thomas.jpg


JJ Thomas mastered the art of snowboarding as a professional and Olympic medalist in half pipe and then brought his love and passion to the sport as a coach. As Shaun White's personal  snowboarding coach he created the path for him to conquer Olympic gold in the 2018 games! This guy has the most positive outlook on life, competition, and love for others. Please enjoy.

Want to see more of JJ?

Instagram: @jjthomas_

Website: jjthomascoaching.com

Episode #26: Jason & Bret - The Live Better Retreat



Jason and Bret lay out the Live Better Retreat. This immersive week will light you up, build you up, and make you rethink why you do things.  This episode goes into wellness travel, how to optimize your time on a trip, and why to focus on your well-being while you are on the road. If you are thinking about attending a Live Better Retreat, take a listen.

Want to see more of Live Better?

Instagram: @livebetterco

Website: livebetterco.org

Episode #27: Andy Hnilo - CEO & Founder of Alitura Naturals



Andy was involved in a serious car accident which would have put most people's life on hold and he used that experience to drive him to create the best line of skin care products out there. After his accident, he used the highest quality ingredients from the earth to create products that helped heal his skin and build up his life force. Then he created a business around these products which is booming. He is a true bio-hacker and incredible athlete. He preaches building up your skin from the inside out and you'll learn just how he does that in this episode. This is so much more that beauty products, this dude is crushing it.


Want to see more of Andy & Alitura?

Instagram: @alituranaturals

Website: Alituranaturals.com

Episode #28: Bobby Maximus - Author, UCF Vet, & Gym Owner



Every. Damn. Day.

Bobby breaks down how just showing up is 99% of the battle.  Get into a place that will help you succeed and you will succeed. Bobby's new book is about using mental and physical training to maximize your potential. After a career in the UFC, Bobby dealt with defeat and triumphs to build himself upaong those around him.  We talk about the importance of self talk and actionable workshops you can do to increase your performance. 


Want to see more of Bobby?

Instagram: @bobbymaximus

Website: bobbymaximus.com

Episode #29: Sam Pogue - Dir Strategic Partnerships at Onnit, Fitness Break Room Podcast, Sports Performance Coach



Sam is the perfect mix between positive, knowledgable, and functional.  His story starting as a gym manger to now being high up at Onnit, Jake Arrieta's trainer, and founder of Fitness Break Room and Be Less Fat shows how the grind pays off.  Sam currently travels the country growing the Onnit brand while recoding podcasts with trainers on how they \are where they are, today.  Listen in to learn about where wellness is going and why getting just a little bit better each day is the key to success.


Want to see more of Sam?

Instagram: @spogue86

Website: FitnessBreakRoom.com