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Leo Tropeano Podcast

Episode #11: Leo Tropeano - Founder of Mugsy Jeans

Leo Tropeano

Show Notes

1.       Why jeans?

2.       Walk us through the initial idea to create mugsy jeans?

3.       Why did you start in accounting?

4.       Did you make a checklist of items you had to cross off before you quite your fulltime job?

5.       Who was the largest supporter? Who was your biggest skeptic? Was this constructive?

6.       What were you most scared of?

7.       Do you remember the exact moment you decided to quit?

8.       Would you recommend everyone get a "real" job first?

9.       Walk us through the iterations of your jeans from the first pair to your most recent FLX line.

10.   You have a unique marketing, Talk us through your marketing tactics?  "Free you balls"

11.   What does your best day ever look like?

12.   What are you most scared of?

13.   How does Mugsy jeans change the landscape of making and selling jeans?

14.   We want to stop and tell you we appreciate you for stating you own company and finding success on your own.  Even if you think you are just selling jeans, you starting a business actually motivates and inspires others to HAM and follow their passion as it did Jason and I.

15.   What's on the grind for 2017?



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