MoveU Podcast

Episode #16: Mike Wasilisin - Founder of MoveU

Dr. Mike - Founder of MoveU

Show Notes

02:25 Tell us a little bit about yourself.

5:40 What is your background and how did you start MoveU?

12:05 Can you explain more about the MoveU Method?

15:15 How do you use community in MoveU?

23:45 What would you say is your favorite type of movement practice?

23:42 What is your least favorite movement practice?

30:45 What are you favorite core exercises?

37:00 What does a typical workout look like for Andrew?

43:00 Can you give us a breakdown for an office worker how they should move?

52:45 Can you give us some help for those who travel?

57:00 Can you take us through sleeping?

1:02:45 Where do you go for education?

1:08:35 If you could give our listeners one bit of advise to Live Better, what would it be?

1:10:55 Where can we find more about you?

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