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Episdoe #9 Massy Arias - Creator of #MA30Day

Massy Arias

Show Notes

0:10 - Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

2:45 - You're a straight badass, we've watched you documentary and your world star hip hop built by massy video and they are the coolest ever. Can you dive into that a little bit?

8:31 - You have two million Instagram followers, how have you been able to be so effective in sharing your story and gaining influence?

10:54 - What does your best day ever look like?

12:15 - Tell us about your morning routine (if you don’t have one…)

16:35 - Who is one person you have never met that you would love to meet, and why?

19:25 - Pick and animal that would describe you and why?

20:00 - What is your favorite question to ask someone, and what has been the most interesting answer to that question?

23:15 - Where can people find out more about you?


Massy Arias - Instagram Twitter Facebook

Website -

CT Fletcher - Instagram Twitter Facebook Website


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