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Episode #13: Lita Lewis - Fitness, Nutrition, & Lifestyle Expert (Thick Thighs Save Lives)

Lita Lewis is living her dream!

Born in Los Angeles, California, raised in Sydney, Australia, and presently residing in Brooklyn, NY, Lewis has traveled the world motivating people to pursue their dreams and reach their goals. With an African American and Samoan ancestry, Lewis developed a deep love and admiration for foreign cultures, ethnicities and a genuine appreciation for diversity in people from all walks of life. Outside of work and philanthropy, family is second to none to Lewis. Her younger sisters are her pride and joy, the apple of her eye whom she lovingly describes as the most amazing extension of herself.

From her earliest experiences, surrounded by this rich combination of cultures, lifestyles, and body types, Lewis developed a keen sense of what beauty is and what it is not. Working tirelessly to transform and break traditional molds of the “Americanized” fitness image has been the staple of her brand.

In addition to her accomplishments on the stage, in the gym, and on the web, Lewis is also an incredible public speaker and motivational life coach. She can often be seen on the lecture circuit as a guest speaker. She enjoys the personal reach this platform provides, allowing her to speak her mind and to share her insights and experiences pertaining to holistic health and benefits of daily exercise.



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