JujiMufu Podcast

# 8 Jon Call - aka JUJIMUFU The Anabolic Acrobat

Jon Call - aka JUJIMUFU

Show Notes

2:33  – Can you tell our listeners about you and what you are currently up to?

3:14 – Where do you draw your energy from?

3:23 – Do you have any morning routines?

4:06 – How did you decide on your training disciples and how did you decide on them?

5:26 – How much time do you spend in a week stretching vs. lifting?

6:53 – Do you have any goals you are working towards?

7:53 – How long did it take you to get the splits between two chairs?

9:48 – What has been the most impactful or coolest thing you’ve don in the health space?

11:13 – What does your best day ever look like?

14:53 – Who is one person you haven’t met yet and why?

15:58 – Do you have a favorite workout move?

17:32 – How has your workout routines progressed in the last 5 years and where do you see it going?

19:53 – How do you maintain your mobility?

21:28 – Pick an animal to describe yourself and why?

21:38 – What is your favorite travel destination?

22:21 – What is a place you would like to go to?

23:23  - What is your favorite question to ask someone?

24:18 – What are some of the best responses you’ve gotten?

25:33 – What do you like to do outside of fitness?

27:53 – How is mindset a key concept for you and how do you keep this organized?

29:28 – Do you have a pump up song?

29:43 – Do you have any advice for someone trying to be a fitness professional?

32:48 – How do you fuel the creative process for your content?

34:38 – What is your advice for someone getting into working out and fitness?

36:43 – Where can everyone find you? 

37:50 – How did you think of JujiMufu?

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