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Feel Free to Relax

Author: Bret Gornik

Relaxation is not easy. The point where our body and mind wander to a place where we can forget all worries and daily stressors in our lives.  What some people find relaxing other people find stressful. There is no “correct” way to reach a state of relaxation. Whether it is reading, writing, practicing yoga, talking with friends or family, cooking, painting, listening to classical music, breathing, playing an instrument, cleaning, hiking, eating, meditating, playing Sudoku, or watching a movie, finding what is relaxing for you is what is important.

Write down what you find relaxing. Practicing these activities will lead to a stronger mind and healthier body.  The mind-body connection is strong; when one is happy, the other usually is too.  This unified happiness will give you full satisfaction in life.

Recently, I found the synergy between my mind and body, which ultimately allowed me to relax.  During a trip to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, I noticed for a fine moment that I lost all sense of time and place.  Out sailing in the middle of the lake, surrounded by great people, my mind wandered and I felt completely relaxed.  I could not tell you what my thoughts were, but I do know I felt free and clear.  To me, bliss is losing sense of time and place. This is my pure relaxation.

As we continue to develop our #livebetterlifestyle through holistic health and fitness, remember to take time to relax.  Lose track of time. This freedom is liberating.  This freedom is essential.  This freedom is true health. 

Have The Best Day Ever.