Author: Jason Loebig

This month, I am setting my goal off of my co-founder’s (@Bret_Gornik) template he created. If you want to check out Bret’s November Goal (handstand) article, check out ‘No Excuses November: Time to Set a Goal’.

My November Goal
Get back into running. It’s been quite a long time since I’ve put together an effective running program for myself. I don’t inherently dislike running, but after 25 years of playing soccer let’s just say it isn’t my first choice of exercise. Thousands of miles filled with blood, sweat, grass, mud, snow and surgery left a discouraging taste in my mouth.

Alas, I am discouraged no longer. My overall running goal for 2016 is to run a 5k in less than 18 minutes. My November goal is twofold:
1.    Never miss a scheduled running day
2.    Run every day it rains (there is no bad weather, only soft people)

Choosing My Goal
What is one thing I have wanted to do for a while, but not given the time?
Get back into running. I often use the city for “exercise tourism” in which I combine short runs with calisthenics, but haven’t given the time to work on endurance capacity as a goal.

What is something epic I want to try?
Run a 5k in less than 18 minutes. Run one mile at a 5:00 pace. Complete a 10k.

Where in my (training) life do I need the most improvement?
In terms of exercise goals, my cardiovascular training. It isn’t bad, but it could always be better.

Overcome Adversity
Running is a key component in my never-ending quest for physical readiness – any challenge, at any time. I completed my second Tough Mudder in Chicago this year, this time in less than two hours. I also completed my first triathlon in Chicago in August. I competed in the Sprint race and qualified for Nationals in 2017.

But running races haven’t always treated me well. The very same race I’ll be running at the end of the month, the annual Turkey Trot in Hilton Head, SC, was the start of an injury that kept me from running for almost three years. I never really had a concept of ‘pace.’ It was run as fast as you can from the start until you reach the finish.

Three years after feeling horrific tightness in my shins post-Turkey Trot, I had surgery (a double fasciotomy) in both legs for Compartment Syndrome. Compounded on top of dozens of ankle sprains, I was left with limited ankle mobility, deadened muscles in my shins, and shredded ligaments in my ankles.

Not a good recipe for being an efficient runner, but there is always a solution.

Why would I want to get back into running after all? Because it's a basic human movement, and because it's good for you (read here for 35 amazing health benefits of running)!

My Training Program
The following is adapted from the ultra-endurance program created by Brian MacKenzie in the “4-Hour Body” written by Tim Ferriss. It is defined by low mileage, high-intensity runs mixed with varying “distance” runs. Think 200m, 400m, 800m, and one-mile repeats, plus strength training.

I have adapted the running program to fit my congruent lifting and gymnastics training in November so as not to over-train. I am not willing to sacrifice body composition, strength, and overall athleticism, which is why this program appeals to me. It also (potentially) minimizes time spent on the road (less miles is less wear and tear) while maximizing benefits from an increased aerobic threshold. 

My current paces are as follows, after completing my initial time trials:

5k – 18:59 (6:07/mile)
10k – 44:37 (7:06/mile)
(Note: My 10k time was run at 1.2x my 5k pace, which ended up a little fast)

Running Preparation & Recovery
•    Fast & Fit Coaching – complete a 90-min running assessment to evaluate form, speed, and efficiency with Mike Thomson, as well as complete any follow up sessions
•    Aligned Modern Health – recover with a weekly massage and chiropractic session to ensure muscles stay loose and prehab/rehab exercises are completed
•    Float Sixty – recover with a weekly sensory-deprivation float session for pain management, stress management, and increased immune function
•    14-Day Whole-Body Mobility Overhaul – follow the 14-Day program set out in “Becoming a Supple Leopard” by Kelly Starrett to maintain mobility, among other soft-tissue releases of my choosing
•    Ice Baths – recover with two ice baths a week (three small bags, 2x10 minutes each session with intermittent hot shower)

My Running Essentials

Nike LunarEpic Flyknits (best running shoes ever), Nike running hat, Mobility WOD 'Gemini' & Voodoo Band, HyperIce 'Hypersphere' (vibrating soft-tissue tool), lacrosse ball, tennis ball 'peanut', mini-bands for glute-activation exercises


Tracking My Progress
Want to run with me? Find me on the new Nike+RunClub app – I’ll be logging miles in the app as well as joining competitions on

If starting a running program sounds like something you might also like to try, signup for NRC sessions in Chicago on to receive amazing coaching and join a community of Chi-town runners.

I am excited to share my November goal with you. What’re you crushing in November?

Train on, Live Better.