Yesterday was epic.  As Jason, Ryland, Moose, and I traversed around stunning Chicago, I became infatuated by its intricacies.  With a tourist mindset, we approached the city in a different way.  Motivated to jam our day with as much cool shit as we could; we did it. A day consisting of handstands, hammocks, rooftops , skyline views, history, and culture, we all now respect Chicago even more.  To see the city from the inside out in one day, made me realize how incredible Chicago really is. Check out @chicagobucketlist Instagram story right now, before it is too late, to see everything we did!  Take this piece as a kick-start to explore your town.  Take one day and do as much as you can.  Realize how amazing your surroundings are and enjoy the history that has helped to create your home. Have the best day ever.


We did A LOT yesterday, but here are my top five events!

Event 1 - Edge Hammocks


Yes, this was slightly frightening, but that is our goal.  Every day you must shock your comfort zone.  Continue to take it up a notch.  In this state, we found peace and a true sense of calm.   Being able to relax during a fearful time builds a true energy that we can all use more of.

Event 2 - Rings

Strength is key.  Try training in a new way.  Do something you have never tried.  Knowing you own strength helps you grow and push past your barriers.  Jason is working towards a goal and uses new methods to increase his body awareness.  Control is strength. 

Event 3 - Building Tops

Wow, to see the city from up high is incredible.  To dangle your feet off a skyscraper is even cooler (Do not attempt without serious supervision).  Living on the edge is a true way to stimulate the mind.  During this event, I noticed my mind filling with new ideas and plans that I want to start doing now!  Try something crazy.  Live it up.

Event 4 - Going Live (Dream Flow)

Going live is something I love.  Interacting with others in real time is my favorite thing about my day.  To be able to do this with thousands of people is truly the best ever!   We are always live in our day to day.  Interact in every moment knowing that you influence everyone around you.  Do what you do for others.

Event 5 - Night Time Chi

Unbelievable.  The cityscape at night is something else.  Sarah and I always joke about how we want to get an Uber just to drive us down Lakeshore Drive at night to see the city.  Well today, we had Ryland do it ha-ha.  The skyline is magnificent and stoic.  It stands for strength and compassion. As Jason said, "There is an aura glowing around the city."  This truly is the best city in the world and our architecture shows it.  Always make your nights count.  End the day on a high note, so tomorrow is even better.

We cannot thank @chicagobucketlists enough for the motivation to explore.  We went to the edge, literally, of our comfort zone and back.  We laughed and shared in the awe of this great city.  I am proud to call Chicago my city and cannot wait to crush it again today!