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November is an incredible month.  The Fall season arrives as the leaves change color in anticipation of cooler weather, and of course, Thanksgiving. It is a time to feast, spend time with friends/family, and watch football.  In addition, it is time to reassess your goals and decide how you are going to round out the year. 

The year always seems to fly by, and there is much to do before it is over.  Why not get a jump start on your goals? We do not have to wait until the New Year to make a resolution.  Goal setting is crucial to continued success, which I encourage you to try this year in November.  Set your sights high, but be realistic. Create a plan and set out on the journey to reach that goal.   I take time at the beginning of each month to have one personal goal.  The following is my process for conquering November.

My November Goal

I am going to master the handstand.  Plain and simple, I want to be as confident on my hands as I am on my feet.  I have aspired to hold a handstand for over a year and passively worked towards it.  The time is now.  I am going to work hard this month to achieve this goal and am excited about taking on this physical challenge.  I work with clients everyday to help them reach their goals and now it is time to set one of mine in motion.  For me, the handstand is the perfect balance between a physical and mental challenge.  The pose needs balance energy, strength, mobility, stability, and flexibility.  That combination is rare to execute all at once.  I set this goal to show myself that with the right planning I can take it to the next level.

Choose Your Goal

Set one goal for November.

Ask yourself these three questions:

  1.  What is one thing I have wanted to do for a while, but not given the time?
  2.  What is something epic I want to try?
  3. Where in my life do I need the most improvement?

After you answer these three questions, it is time to write down your goal.  Make this goal something that you can obtain.  It must be something specific, and not necessarily easy.  The goal of learning Spanish may be a long shot, but the goal of being nicer to people is too vague.  Find something doable, but challenging, like reading a book a week.

Once you have you goal it is time for an action plan. 

My Action Plan

I created this workout calendar to give myself the best chance to achieve my goal.   I am putting some of my other physical routines and workouts on hold in order to have the best chance to stick the handstand.  Using a combination of different physical practices will give me the best chance to get to my objective.


  • My morning routine will prime my body for the day
  • Shoulder mobility will keep my joints fluid in order to endure the training
  • Headstand work will give me balance to feel comfortable upside down (I can already do a headstand)
  • 5 minute abs will strengthen my core outside of my workouts
  • 5 minutes of handstand work will hold me accountable for sticking to the plan

I will be posting all of these routines via my Instagram story @Bret_Gornik.  PLEASE keep me accountable by commenting, giving tips, or joining me to practice!


  • Flowing will keep me flexible and strong
  • The mental aspect of yoga will drive my physical skill set
  • The progressions in my practice will give me confidence to improve

Nike + Training

  • This will keep my athletic performance high
  • Working through mobility gives my body the ability to try new poses

Strength Training

  • Body weight work uses stabilization, which is the key to a handstand
  • Weighted movement progresses my overall levels of strength


  • Cardio exercise will give me stamina
  • Working on speed will boost my core strength

Gymnastic Bodies

  • Gymnastics movements give me the skill set needed to truly execute the handstand
  • Strength + flexibility is key to this goal

Aligned Modern Health

  • Chiropractic care will take care of my joints and keep me aligned
    • I have two previous shoulder injuries that need attention for the necessary mobility and stability to hold a handstand.
  • Massage will relax the muscles
  • Acupuncture releases stress and aids in recovery

With thorough planning, I programmed my month to deliver my goal. The next step is execution.  I am printing out this calendar and will highlight each task as I complete it.  This simple method will ensure my success.  Also, make sure to check out my Instagram (@Bret_Gornik) to monitor me!  Using #LiveBetterNovember

Create Your Plan

Now that you have your goal, it is time to deliver.  This plan will give you the necessary guidelines to execute your goal.  Create a plan that guarantees success. 

Goal: Read one book a week.

Three Steps:

1.  Create a task calendar - write down what you will do each day

Ex. Three days a week you read over lunch

2.  Execute a repetitive daily task (I have a few) - choose one task you will do every day that will aid in your goal

Ex. Wake up 15 minutes early everyday to read.

3.  Find Support - let someone know you are doing the challenge

Ex. Have a person (or use social media to) keep you accountable (#LiveBetterNovember)

Execute these three steps to create a plan to dominate your November goal.  You have the willpower to do anything. You just need the plan to get there.  Map out your month, perfect your routine, have someone keep you in line so you don't slip up, and you're golden.

November is right around the corner.  It gets cold. It snows (at least in Chicago).  Everyone slows down.  However, you are going to crush it.  Set your goal to make this your most productive month of the year.  You want to look back on November and say, "Wow, I went HAM!"

Set your goal.  Create your plan. Execute.  Have the best month ever.

Please track your progress by tagging @livebetterco and using #LiveBetterNovember to show us your goals and how the month is going!

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