Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  So here are the top 8 things I am thankful for this year!  Fo' real.


1.       That I finally have Nutribullet’s Dessert Bullet so now I truly don’t have to chew any meal ever again.

2.       Now that the winter season is here, the tourists and leisure riders will not be stealing my Divvys anymore.

3.       That thanks to Barry’s opening in Chicago, I get to train and rock a Bieber mic.

4.       That while everyone else is struggling with winter colds, my marine phytoplankton drops, mega hydrate, and Four Sigmatic Cacao Cordyceps Elixir leave me blissfully sniffle free.

5.       Thanksgiving is tomorrow, so that means it is time for my crowd favorite Raw Goji Golden Cranberry me, it's good.

6.       That even when the Polar Vortex hits, you can still get a six pack in your own home thanks to the Simply Fit Board.  No sweat required - thanks, Lori Greiner!  I need to star sharing my ideas on Shark Tank.  Is this serious?!

7.       Now that I've "mastered" the handstand and the Cubs won the World Series, I see the world from a whole new perspective.

8.       That I already know tomorrow is going to be the best Thanksgiving day EVER (of all time ever in the history of ever, in the world, ever)

Enjoy Turkey Day.  Eat good food.  Relax.  Unwind.

In all seriousness, this time of year is about being grateful for the little things.  It is great to reflect on the year and be around family and friends.  Jason and I have had the opportunity to work with our friends at Optimized Journey, giving our thoughts on reflection, gratitude(video below), and yoga.  Check out these links for a little more serious side to the meaning of each of these topics.  Enjoy this time of year.  Be grateful and give thanks.