By: Bret Gornik

Sendy: Definition - To push the boundaries in an activity.  In a sentence:  Travis Pastrana got a little sendy when he tried the triple back flip. 

We just took an epic trip up to Whistler, Canada to spread our ideas on how health and wellness fuel top performers.  After our talk, we hit the hills.  The trails up there are LIT.  Jason and I joined the group on a mountain biking excursion.  On our third and final ride down this magnificent hill, I got a little too sendy.  As I banked around a curve, my front tire hit a gravel patch and instead of hitting the turn, I sailed directly off the edge.  My shoulder made direct contact with a very large boulder, and crack... I now have a fractured clavicle (collarbone).

As I laid on the side of the path, the thoughts going through my head were: Am I ok? Can I move? Is it broken? How long will it take to get better? Will I be able to dance at my wedding?  I am getting married in 60 days, so now I have to put all my energy towards being ready to rock for that!

At the end of the day, as I wrote in my One Line A Day Journal, with my right hand (I'm a lefty) I still ended the page with BDE (Best Day Ever), because the experience really showed me how much people support me and how I have developed the best relationships ever.

I am a pretty sendy guy.  I take on every opportunity full force, whether that is starting a business or taking the fastest Divvy ride around Chicago.  I balance that with taking time for yoga, meditation, and chill time.  I know I have a 4-6 month full recovery in front of me.  That means no handstands, lifting, yoga, biking, running, rock climbing, or whatever new skill I want to get into next for quite a while. 

As a fitness professional, I am moving around the city non-stop to train clients, to teach at Barry's, to lead yoga at the JW, and to just be outside.  For the next few months, the nicest ones in Chicago, I have to switch things up.  I will not let this slow me down. I'll work on other skills.  I'll read more. I'll listen to podcasts and work on building Live Better in different ways.  This is an opportunity, not a setback. 

There will be tough times along the way.  Surgery is Monday.  Physical therapy starts right after.  There will be physical pain, but I cannot let that shift my mindset.  I need to go full send in other ways.

I am blessed to have my support system.  Sarah has been there from the second I got home, Jason spent hours in the hospital with me the day of , my mom was there for the first orthopedic appointment, and my friends and family have all been texting me with their positive vibes.  I may not be posting pictures of me hanging from anything for a while, but it will give me more time to think of other crazy ideas... 

This speed bump is only that - something that will no doubt hold me back physically, but that is it.  I still have control of my mind and my attitude.  I appreciate everyone's support.  Any Hi Vibe acai bowl deliveries are more than welcome. 

Make your day the best day ever.