What could be better than a full day of wellness activities with new friends and the most amazing group of hosts in the world?

A Sweat Life is a special group of people, and we were honored to be able to curate activities we love for Day #2 with them during #Sweatworkingweek (like restaurant week for fitness).


Our day started at Brooklyn Boulders with a mobility workshop with Hyperice + bouldering session. We were excited to curate this as our morning activity for a few reasons:

  1. We encourage “play” as a significant source of exercise
  2. Starting the day with mobility (and soft-tissue release) is a great primer for working in a corporate environment (if you’re stuck at a desk or just releasing some “text-neck”)
  3. Many people fear climbing (or simply “heights”), and we like starting the day getting people out of their comfort zone

It’s so much fun, especially as a wellness coach, to watch someone face their fears and come out with a smile. One lap after another up the wall and you start to see the lights come on in someone’s eyes that this is actually fun.

It encourages creativity, taps into a place of happiness you felt regularly as a child but a place we rarely find as adults, and feels good to learn a new skill.


The afternoon sessions during #Sweatworkingweek are lunch and learns with the host of the day, moderated by Maggie and Jeana. Our topic - “How to have the best day ever, every single day.”

We chatted about why we started Live Better, how we approach difficult tasks and times with our mantra (“can every day really be the best day ever?”), and engaged with a wonderful set of people about our passions within health and wellness.

The Cliff Notes:

  • All good things take time, whether you’re cooking a meal or starting a business
  • Make your “mantra” a self-fulfilling prophecy; say it, then do it.
  • Long-term consistency outperforms short-term intensity every time
  • Practice a skill for 5 minutes a day (handstand, guitar, language, etc)
  • Schedule movement into your day and prioritize it

I love giving talks like these because it forces me to take an honest look at why I make decisions, dig a little deeper into my passions, and verbalize (which is the hard part) how I value my time and energy.


The culmination of the “best day ever” started on the bottom floor of Morgan’s on Fulton, a three-floor event space in the West Loop. The bottom floor was true #Sweatworkingweek - mix and mingle with your community (including a wonderful sponsor Vital Proteins) as you get ready to sweat with new friends.

Floor two was Live Better territory - a live DJ’d workout including HIIT, yoga, mobility, headstands, and partner fun. Bret and I yelling, moving, and instructing on the Bieber mics (our favorite).

Floor three (rooftop) was the last stop for activities and included a 30-minute guided meditation from Chill Chicago, a new meditation + massage spot in River North. We focused on counted breathing, love and kindness, body scans, and different breathing techniques.

The #Sweatworking House was an epic way to end the day.

Why are events like #Sweatworkingweek so important to us?

Live Better is built around community, engaging with people who want to take life to the next level and use their health as a catalyst for change. We’re committed to action, which is applying what you learn to improve your life.

We love doing live experiences because it allows us to put these ideas into play (quite literally). It’s the reason why we are so excited about our wellness retreats around the world.

Ultimately, it’s getting people out of their comfort zones to try new experiences (like Bret doing a headstand on live TV to promote #Sweatworkingweek), meet new, like-minded people, and add to what is already an amazing Chicago fitness community.

It can be the best day ever, every single day - you just have to mean it.