Today is officially the first day of summer!  Hell ya!  Let's get outside. 

When summer hits in Chicago, it’s time to come out of hibernation and crush the lakeshore path, rooftops, and parks. It’s incredible how much there is to do during the summer in the city...from street festivals to outdoor movies and yoga to just walking or working, being outside is the key.  As movement is one of our top priorities to live the best life ever, here are some epic ways to enjoy each and every day during your summer in Chicago.

1. Play (Outside)

Hone in your inner child, get outside, and do something different.  Take an evening after work or full weekend day and set your time up to do something out of the ordinary.

2. Eat (Outside)

With so many outdoor spaces, make your food and create your own picnic, or eat out at a new restaurant.

3. Workout (Outside)

Yes, you still need to get in your hard days in the weight room, but move outside when you can.  Getting tan and working out is the best ever (yes I'm summoning Jersey Shore) - it's a winning combo!

4. Walk (Outside)

Whenever you have a chance to go anywhere, allow an extra 15-20 minutes to your commute time and just walk. We all want to be outside more, but you must add the time to make it happen.

  • Walk to work, every single day! OR, walk to the next L stop instead of the closest one
  • Take a nature walk through Lincoln Park
  • Walk through a new neighborhood like Logan Square

5. Explore (Outside)

When we have the time to get outside, make sure to do something new.    

  • Go to Starved Rock! Place is LIT!
  • Find a new rooftop, with a different view of the city
  • Turn off your phone, leave it at home, take the L for 25 minutes, and walk home

At the end of the day, did you spend more time indoors or outdoors? You have the choice.  You can work outside at Soho, eat lunch on the river walk, walk or Divvy everywhere, and finally relax on your balcony.  I challenge you this next week to track your time and have one day, besides sleep (unless you want to put a tent on your roof, which is the best idea ever) to spend more daylight hours outside than inside. See how you feel!  Play, eat, workout, walk, and explore outside and you are guaranteed to have the best day ever.