By: Bret Gornik

I strive for constant improvement. I know that setting up documented challenges for myself, and having others hold me accountable, is a great added fuel to crush it. This month, I want to focus on strengthening my core.  I'm asking you to join me.  Yes, summer is here, so looking good at the beach is an added advantage, but for real, the core is everything.  Within the last few months I have neglected training my core as much as I should.  I stress to my clients the importance of building a strong core, having core engagement in every movement, and that all strength starts from the core, but I have been not been fully practicing what I preach.  My handstands have not progressed as much as I want, my balance is not top notch, and my posture needs help.  Now it's go time!  I will be setting up a few key strategies for success.

1. Daily Routines (5 minutes in the morning, 5 minutes after noon, and 5 minutes at night)

2. Plank Progression (Goal is 10 minutes)

2. Full Workout Schedule revolving around the core

3. Nutrition plan to build lean muscle mass

4. Social Media posting guidelines to keep me accountable

5. Weekly Plank Time Challenge - To track progress

I want all of you to join! Starting Monday (6/5/17), the challenge is open, use #CrushTheCore or tag me in your Insta stories and Snapchats to be a part of the team!  If you participate in the challenge and help motivate me by motivating yourself, you will be entered to win a personal training session with me (or an online training session for those of you not in Chicago)! 

Let's get it going!

My Schedule

Crush The Corew.PNG

5 Minute Morning Routine

  • 1 Minute Cat-Cow
  • 1 Minute Bird Dog
  • 1 Minute Down Dog To Up Dog
  • 1 Minute Side Plank (30 each side)
  • 1 Minute Headstand Leg Drops

5 Minute Afternoon Routine

  • 1 Minute Legs Flat Sit Up
  • 1 Minute Feet on Floor Sit Up
  • 1 Minute Legs Bend at 90 degrees Sit Up
  • 1 Minute Toe Taps
  • 1 Minute Bike Abs

5 Minute Evening Routine

  • 1 Minute Side Crunches
  • 1 Minute Superman
  • 1 Minute Beast Crawl Forward & Back
  • 1 Minute Beast Crawl Left and Right
  • 1 Minute Up Dog Stretch

My goal is to put form to function.  Look good and feel good.  I want to take these core exercises and continue to get stronger.  Please help me by showing me your favorite core exercise.  I'll feature my favorite one every Tuesday.

Let's #CrushTheCore

Have the best month ever!