By: Bret Gornik

I am frequently asked about healthy spots to eat at in different cities or countries.  I love telling people about exciting and tasty restaurants, cafes, and juice bars all around the world.

I am currently in Amsterdam and within the first few days, I have had an Acai Bowl, Gluten Free Avocado Toast, Superfood Kale Salad, a Turmeric Shot, and Hummus Bowl.  You want to maximize your energy to enjoy your trip, so fueling your body is the best way to get the most out of your travel. Here are a few simple ways I find some of the best food ever anywhere in the world.


You, or in my case Sarah, have already planned the tours, museums, day trips, activities, and clubs.  Here are a few easy and effective ways to plan amazing and healthy meals during your trip. It is wonderful to see that every part of the world is kicking into the health trend because we all want to find the best quality food in each spot.

Google Maps - This has been my method of choice.  I search three things and these results have been amazing 95% of the time.

1. Organic Restaurants - You will find gems!  Although they might not always be 100% organic, you are going to find the highest quality and best tasting restaurants by doing this search. 

2. Superfood Juice Bars - Again, you might not always find your local HiVibe, but you will likely find plenty of spots to get a green juice, which we could always use while traveling.

3. Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurants - I originally used this search when traveling with Sarah and her family (Sarah and her sisters are all vegetarians), and in doing so found some of the most fantastic restaurants I have ever tried.  You notice that these places tend to have an extra attention to quality and flavor.  Instead of going for the next burger spot on the street, you'll find hidden favorites and new dishes you've never tried.

After I have found the best spots, I take it right to the map.  I use My Maps on Google to drop a pin on every spot.  This is super effective because then when you are by the Anne Frank House, you now have three spots within a ten minute walk that you know will be healthy and clean.


You get to the airport and you're hungry, you can set the tone for your trip with fast food, or you can enjoy your packed salad to invigorate your travel.

Travel Day - To Destination

1. Pack your travel meals - You can get through security with anything but liquid.  This means you could (and should) pack an entire meal for your trip.  It is super easy to stop at the Whole Foods salad bar before your trip and make a huge nutrient rich salad to bring with you.

2. Take your supplements - Planes dehydrate you and cause serious fatigue.  I recommend a multi-vitamin, Megahydrate, and activated charcoal while you travel to replenish nutrients, hydrate, and detoxify your body.


1. Bring your snacks - You will be moving around and are in a new space, so have plenty of healthy snacks.  My top choices are Activated Spouted Trail Mix, Bullet Proof Collagen Protein Bars, and Ryan Silver and my very own Vital Protein Energy Balls!

2. Take your supplements - When we travel, it's very important to stay on top of this because your body is in a new/different environment.  I recommend my three above as well as Immortal Machine and Vegan or Collagen Protein because your body needs high quality fuel to take on different environments.

Make your trip more enjoyable and don't let getting hungry make you miss out on an epic adventure.


You've got everything planned out.  The best breakfast, lunch, and dinner spots close to every activity, but you get to one restaurant and it's closed, or you explore a new part of town, or you get lost.  Now what?  As we like to say, "Never settle".  This is where you rely on two things - being social and not giving in. 

1. Ask people - Go up to someone and ask where is a good local healthy or vegetarian restaurant.  Go into a restaurant and ask for the local vegetarian spot.  People are always willing to help or at least point you in the right direction.

2. If this doesn't work, take your time.  Sarah and I were on our way home yesterday, and nothing was close on the map, so we popped into just three different spots and the third one is where that kale salad and hummus bowl came from.  One of the tops meals of the trip for sure! 


Planning is key.

Preparation is huge.

Patience is a virtue.