The Live Better motto stems from developing a positive mindset.  If we can improve our surroundings and fill our day with happiness, then we can achieve eternal success.  I strive every single day to reach my goals, make others happy, and improve.  If I can make progress in all three of those areas, I am having the best day ever.

I am writing this post to show what my "best day ever" looks like during a "normal" work day in Chicago.  This is not a post about treating myself to everything I've ever wanted and indulging in lavish experiences.  After practicing the best day ever mindset for over a year, I no longer crave those type of things.  My simple and productive days mean just as much as those spent vacationing around the world.  I am so happy to be able to live for each day, that I find excitement and gratitude in every little thing.

My goal is to structure each day as close to this day as possible.  After making a choice to embrace the best day ever mindset, my life has been on a constant upward trajectory.  I invite everyone to wake up every single day and make this choice.

Have the best day ever.


5:45am - Wake up & drink 24 oz. of fresh spring water

I like to wake up before 6 to feel like I'm starting my day on time.  Sleep is one way the body detoxifies itself.  To flush out those toxins, I use spring water as it is the purest source of water, and it binds to free radicals within our digestive system to draw them out of the body.  This is my daily kickstarter.

6:00am - Make an entry in my 5-Minute Journal

Journaling first thing in the morning helps me set a meaningful intention for the day.  This gives me a clear path for my goals and the opportunity to be more productive.

6:15am - Attend vinyasa flow yoga

I use this class to release physically and mentally in the morning.  Due to my schedule and workout routine, I need time to flow through this class and reset my body.  I feel refreshed and ready to start the day.  Yoga is my meditation.

7:30am - Make breakfast with my fiancé.

We use this time to level set our day by discussing plans and aligning on goals for the day.  The meal consists of eggs with loads of freshly picked, organic vegetables and a superfood smoothie bowl.  I’m full!

8:30am - Walk and listen to a podcast

Being outside and active are two of the most important aspects of my day.   Listening to a podcast fuels my creative process as well as keep me educated.  Continued learning and development  are top priorities.

9:30am - Workout at Soho with Jason Loebig.

Doing an athletic workout is a key pillar in my best day ever.  I need to move, lift weights, and sweat to feel that my day is complete.  Having a workout partner that is motivated and pushes me is just as important as getting to the gym.  We go ham.

10:45am - Read at the Soho Pool

Reading is huge for me.  I need to read consistently to feel sharp.  Being able to get deep into a story or infatuated by an interesting topic helps me stay on top of my game.  Being poolside takes away all pressure and relaxes the mind.  

12:00pm - Eat lunch with friends

Lunch is a big salad.  The most colorful salad of all time.  It includes kale, mixed peppers, cucumber, tomato, purple onion, sweet potato, mixed greens, edible flowers, swish chard, goji berries, golden berries, chia seeds, mulberries, sunflower seeds, walnuts, chicken, and a raspberry turmeric olive oil dressing.  Eating with friends is the greatest.  Creating a community and interacting with people that bring value to your life on a daily basis is one of the best ways to find gratitude.

1:15pm - Record a podcast episode

This is my favorite part of Live Better as a business.  Being able to chat with the coolest people in the world and dive deep into their processes, habits, routines, and success stories is not only educational and meaningful for me, but I know a huge value add for all of our listeners.  Our goal is to reach one billion people, and we want them all to learn from the people who are the best in the world.   This is a blast.

2:30pm - Get a massage at the JW Marriott

A massage for me is not only a physical reset, but a mental release.  I use this time to meditate and get my body right for the next day.  With the stresses of life on top of the amount of time I workout and move around the city, my body needs recovery to feel 100%.

4:30pm - Train clients

One of the best parts of my best day ever is seeing my clients work hard and develop.  During this time, I am able to use my craft to educate and help my clients improve through mobility, strength, and endurance workouts.  This is an amazingly gratifying experience.

6:00pm - Lead Nike Training Club Workout

Group training at Nike is just flat out awesome.  I am able to get loud and be the energy guy.  This is a great place for me to hone my skills as an instructor and learn from other top trainers in Chicago.   The community created at these workouts makes them an epic experience.

7:30pm - Cook dinner with my fiancé

Winding down the day with a fantastic meal is crucial for me.  I’ll keep it simple and effective with a vegetable packed quinoa bowl.   We use this time to discuss the day.  I believe that self-reflection is an extremely important way to be grateful and grow as a person.

8:30pm - Watch a movie

I love movies.  I get so enamored by the effects, the story, the creative side, and the characters.  I love new stories, especially ones I need to pay attention to in order to follow along.  

10:30pm - Reflect in my 5-Minute Journal and One Line a Day.

There is no better way to close out the best day ever than to reflect upon it. I use these two journals to have record of every single day.  I always finish my entry with a BDE stamp.

10:45pm - Get inverted

Using an inversion table or even just putting my legs up the wall is best day way to slow down my heart rate and decompress my spine.  Standing, sitting, and moving all day puts stress on the body.  Being able to hang upside relaxes our stress hormones.   This is great for me right before bed to calm down and get ready for sleep.

11:00pm - Sleep

I love sleep.  Sleep is time to unwind.  I make sure to have all my electronic devices outside my bedroom to not have any distractions.  There is no better way to end the best day ever than a good night's sleep.  

This day is simple and nothing too crazy.  Productivity and purpose are two pillars in my best day ever.  I recommend that you map out what your best day ever looks like and strive to follow those guidelines as much as possible.  Start with the mindset and everything else will fall into place.

Have the best day ever.


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