What if you had the power to make every single day the best day of your life? I'm going to show you how I do it right now. I start with the following reflection: 

"No more reminiscing, no more hoping for the future. Today is my favorite day of the week."
Until I have enough zeroes in my bank account (before the decimal), we’ll keep this exercise in public journaling realistic to a “normal” day – if I had it my way, I’d wake up in a tent at the peak of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, take first tracks to the bottom in knee-deep powder, fly to Costa Rica to paddle into overhead rights, tee off for an afternoon round at Pebble Beach, enjoy a meal in Cinque Terre with an after dinner espresso, and then sail off between Greek isles to watch the sun set.
The following day, however, is repeatable for me, which is a nice thought. The best day ever, every single day? Heck. Yes.
5:00am – Wake Up Call
I’m not a pop-out-of-bed-smiling-laughing-and-running kind of guy. Usually I stay mummified between the sheets for as long as possible, scramble to get dressed, and hot dock into “work.” Ideally, I’ll start with my morning routine. Every productive day has structure to make the rest of the day more “free” – free of indecision (leading to decision fatigue).
With clients or classes starting at 6am, I’m forced to get going, and fast. To preface my diet, I am currently using an intermittent fasting schedule – I usually don’t start eating until 1pm. In order to skip an immediate caffeine kick (which causes cortisol to rise further), I need a different kind of pick-me-up:

  1. Journal – I use the 5-Minute Journal. Expressing a little gratitude first thing in the am, setting an intention, and writing down a few short-term tasks to complete helps me level set immediately. I will also free form journal if I had an interesting dream or had been pondering some wild life question the night before.
  2. Yoga – Two Sun A Salutations, two Sun B Salutations, and a headstand.
  3. Meditation – I use Headspace. 10 minutes of easy, guided meditation. No “trying hard”, just listening.
  4. Fresh Air – I stand on my balcony and take a few breaths. The environment change helps me feel energized.
  5. Two glasses of water (~20oz).
  6. Cold Shower, to induce shivering - ouch. Two reasons for this:
    • It keeps my showers short (because it’s cold as f***).
    • Cold water shock has so many wonderful health benefits, including improved circulation and immunity, better skin, brown fat production (this is good), and mental alertness (like having a first cup of coffee). I turn on some music I like to help ease the “pain.”
  7. Greens Drink – I use this product from Onnit. It's better than a traditional multivitamin and doesn’t kick me out of a fasted state.

Time to hop on the Divvy!
6:00am to 10:00am – Train Clients & Teach Class @ JW Marriott
Yes, even on my best day ever, I’m working. The thing I like most about myself from 2015 (and will hopefully forever continue to enjoy) is that I turned the biggest chunk of my time (work) into something I really enjoy.
When I helped co-found Live Better and started to see real change in clients, I never knew how it would affect me. I needed to see tangible results from my work and I needed to help people everyday. The enjoyment I receive from making someone’s day better, both physically and mentally, does not feel like work. It’s fun, fulfilling, and empowering.
10:30am – Bulletproof Coffee & Reading
The best coffee ever! During intermittent fasting, caffeine can be a wonderful appetite suppressant as well as provide mental clarity. Bulletproof coffee, when combined with Brain Octane Oil (C8 MCT Oil) and grass-fed butter (or ghee), provides a source of ketone energy, which helps fuel your brain to run on fat instead of glucose (sugar) and dampen the energy spike from coffee (if you are strictly fasting, do not add butter – just add MCT oil and cinnamon). If I’m not making it myself, I’ll stop by Hi-Vibe Superfood Juicery (@hivibechi) for one to go.
I take my coffee and a book (currently Shoe Dog by Phil Knight) out to the Riverwalk under the Clark Street bridge and enjoy about 45 minutes of fresh air, sunshine, and inspiring words.
11:30am – Soho House Meeting
I’ll meet with whomever. If you’re doing something cool, like collaborating, sharing, or meeting new people hit me up! Whether it’s business related or personal, everyone has a story to share and a unique set of skills. I love making new friends.
12:30pm – Workout
Time to ham in the gym. I make the toughest part of my day my workout and life gets a little easier. I’ll lift at Soho or run over to Brooklyn Boulders to lift and rock climb (my new favorite addition to a lengthy list of exercise passions).
1:30pm – Meal #1
Finally! I’m back to Hi-Vibe to unleash. My go to meal is an açai bowl with extra JEM butter (Cinnamon Red Maca), chocolate Bulletproof Collagen Bar, “G8” green juice, “Kill Shot”, “Photobomb”, and a “Maca Blue” Smoothie (ask for an extra cookie…). So. Much. Energy.

I'll take my lunch over to meet my girlfriend Emily and sit outside. We get to catch up on the day and make some evening plans. Simple luxuries of a flexible schedule keep me very happy.
2:00pm – Nap Time
I love naps, though I absolutely suck at taking them. I’m a lifelong insomniac and monkey mind, though consistent yoga and meditation practice have really helped (through a focus on breathing). When I feel super good I’ll hang my hammock in Olive Park and fall asleep with a view of the lake and city. Once the energy from the food I eat fuses with my nap, I wake up with wings and am ready to go.
3:30pm – Record a Podcast
Bret (@bretgornik) and I laugh every time we get to record. How fun to be able to meet cool people, doing cool things, and share their abilities and teachings with the world? We make new contacts, offer them some perspective on our ‘Live Better’ way of life, and have so much fun asking questions.
4:00pm – Snack #1
I like picking at some homemade trail mix - almonds covered in maple syrup, goji berries, golden berries, Jessica’s Cherry & Berry granola (gluten-free), and organic ‘Amazonian’ chocolate from Sacred Chocolate.
4:30pm – Flotation Therapy @ Float Sixty
Time to float! Being in a sensory deprivation tank is a GAME CHANGER. 60 minutes of no sight, no sound, no feeling – just you and relaxation. It’s great for muscle recovery, stress relief, and stimulating creativity. I love to spend some time in the meditation room afterwards, where I consume chocolate tea and take some time to use the adult coloring books.
Now it’s time to amp it up.
6:30pm – Co-Lead a Nike Workout
Back to work! I love walking into a room full of hype, committed athletes. Nike Training Club is back with awesome, weekly classes including mobility, endurance, and strength formats. My favorite part about being a fitness professional is coaching – helping someone achieve their goals, motivating and pushing, and making exercise enjoyable.
Now it’s time to turn it down.
8:15pm – Candlelight Yoga @ Core Power
As if I didn’t already get enough exercise for the day, I need (more) yoga. Before I completed teacher training (at the River North CorePower), I was an irregular practitioner. I didn’t have a true understanding of yoga, nor appreciate its benefits. Now rely upon it.
It’s another place to call “home” – I can always return to my mat and know how good it’ll make me feel afterwards.
9:30pm – Meal #2
Mountain eggs. A Loebig family recipe (thank you, Pam @pmloebig). Simmering veggies, sweet potato, garlic, mounds of kale, 6 eggs, bacon, chicken sausage, and hot sauce. Don’t look at me like I’m crazy… I’ll wash it down with a Synergy Gingerberry kombucha.

9:45pm - Take a Walk

I really enjoy getting to take a late evening walk with Emily and Koi, her family dog whom she helped foster from PAWS (we get to dog-sit often). We'll chat about our day, watch the boats go by on the river, and play with the puppy.
10:15pm – Ice Bath
Again, ouch. ¾ full bath of cold water, 2 bags of ice, me. The body craves balance, and courtesy of @timferriss I’ve added this to my routine. It’s equally necessary to recover as it is to work.
10:30pm – Foam Roll
I like foam rolling before bed because it activates your parasympathetic nervous system, which aids sleep. Consider why you feel sleepy during a good massage – same thing here (just not quite as gratifying). I’ll focus on my hips, back, and neck.
11:00pm – Journal and Read
I'm back to finish my 5-Minute Journal entry in the ‘PM’ section. What went well during my day? What might I have changed? Then I’m into my book once more. When I pick up a good one, it’s honestly hard to do anything else. If I’m cruising, I’ll finish a book a week.
12:00am – Sleep
Clearly, I don’t get enough. The lights are off, the fan is on full, and the room is about 65-68 degrees. Colder the better – I’d rather use 5 blankets than not need a cover or sheet. Life is good, laying here on my Tempurpedic pillow, reflecting on the best day ever.

The best part of it all? Tomorrow will be even better.