Author: Bret Gornik

February gives us the opportunity to reassess our goals we made at the beginning of the year.  If you filled out our “Best Year Ever In Review ” form, this the perfect time to sit down and evaluate.  If you haven’t yet, take 15 minutes to fill this form out and set some goals for the year ahead.  It’s time to find our groove and start taking things to the next level.  We know what we want to accomplish – let's set a timeline to make them a reality.

As we start February, we see a shift in most people’s health and fitness actions.  Gyms start to become less crowded, Instagram photos of healthy meals once again are replaced with beer and pizza, the weather turns from cold to frigid, and that “common cold” becomes all too common in our schools and offices.  It is at this point of the year that New Year’s Resolutions either remain strong or become a part of the past.  Let’s throw out this negativity and make February the best month ever.

The seasons of a year are very interesting when we consider more than just weather.  What happens to our food, mood, and bodies?  More sunshine (and warm weather) usually means more smiles and more motivation to get moving outside.  The only constant we can control between seasons is our mindset.  We have the unique opportunity to conquer the elements and create a positive mindset no matter what time of year.  We have the ability to find the best in every circumstance.  In the cold months, we get to focus on spending time with others inside, taking trips to enjoy cold weather activities like skiing and snowboarding, or reflecting and reading by the fire to increase our intellectual aptitude.  Embracing the now is crucial for happiness.  We can countdown the days to summer or we can wake up and seize the day. 

I offer an opportunity to evaluate gratitude.  What are you grateful for?  What makes today the best day ever?  Are the elements weighing on your emotions? If so, how can you overcome them to create positivity?  What are you doing to find happiness?

Personally, I use the cold months to organize my thoughts. I enjoy mediation, yoga, hot teas, and chocolate elixirs.  These create a unique mindset that helps me appreciate everything around me.  This time of year is all about gratitude.  If we live in a warm climate, news about blizzards, school closures, and slippery roads helps us remain grateful of our current environment.  If we live in a cold climate, we can embrace it and realize how much more we appreciate the warmer months because of this time.  No matter where we live we have the ability to find gratitude for ourselves and for our situation.

We have one thing always under our control and that is our mindset.  At this time, we can reexamine our strategy for the rest of the year and find the best action plan to achieve our goals.  Let’s take this opportunity and forge ahead to have the best year ever.