By: Bret Gornik

We have all played our fair share of holiday drinking games.  Now, I support having a good time around the holidays, but let’s put a spin on it and do it Live Better Style.  Put away the Jägerbombs and Peach Schnapps and bring out the yoga mat and kombucha. It's time to turn up.

After last week's email, the responses came in and these three movies were at the top of the list: Home Alone, Elf, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  Now I guarantee if you turn on Freeform (better known as ABC family) you will see these played at least 20 times before Christmas.  If these are not your favorite, pick your own.

We are going to turn your favorite movie into your workout for the day.  We all know you are not leaving the house in this tundra, so what better way to put in work than while watching Macaulay Culkin throw an iron at a robber’s face!  This health-oriented challenge will get you moving.



  1. Every time someone gives a present - 10 Squats
  2. Every time it magically starts snowing at the perfect moment - 20 Seconds of Butt Kickers Every time someone says "Merry Christmas" - 5 Squat Jumps
  3. Every time some moron doubts the existence of Santa Claus - One Minute Foam Rolling Hamstrings (and yelling at the TV)
  4. Every time someone decorates a Christmas Tree - 3 Side-to-Side Lunges each way
  5. Every time someone sings a Christmas song - 20 Second Plank
  6. Every time someone bakes a cookie - 20 Jumping Jacks
  7. Every time an unlikely couple finds themselves standing under mistletoe - 30 Seconds of Russian Twists
  8. Every time a Christmas tree is LIT - 20 Seconds of Leg Flutters Up and Down
  9. Every time you're overcome with joyful Christmas spirit - Take one big sip of your Hot Chocolate
  10. Every time someone mentions Santa - One Minute Foam Rolling Hips
  11. Every time the Santa hat lands on someone's head - Take a Kambucha shot (see picture below)

Let's break it down:


Workout & Description


Pushup - Start in high plank. Keep your back flat from the top of your head to your toes.  Bend elbows and lower towards the floor until your chest is on floor and push all the way back up to locked elbows.

Squat - Stand up straight with feet shoulder-width apart.  Squat down to a 90 degree bend in your knees.  Keep your glutes back. Push through your heels and return to straight legs. 

Jump Squat - Stand up straight with feet shoulder-width apart.  Squat down to 90 degrees in your knees and accelerate up so you get as high as you can off the ground.  Land soft with a slight knee bend and repeat immediately.

Plank - Start on hands and toes. Keep hips level.  Brace your core and hold.

Leg Flutters Up and Down - Lay flat on your back. With heals only one to two inches off the ground, raise one leg up and then the other.  Maintain a slow pace.

Side to Side Lunge - Stand up with feet wider then shoulder-width apart. While keeping your left leg straight, sink deep into your right knee until the knee is at 90 degrees.  Moving side to side while keeping your glutes low to the ground, straight the right leg and sink into the left knee until it’s at 90 degrees.  Repeat.

Jumping Jacks - Stand up straight. In a jumping motion bring your hands over your head as your feet go out wide. Then bring hands to your side and your feet together.  Repeat.

Butt Kickers - Stand up straight.  At a jogging pace, bring your heels to meet your glutes.

Russian Twist - Sit in a V position with knees bent at 90 degrees.  Twist entire upper body back and forth. Get all the way to one side and then the other.

There is nothing better than watching a Christmas movie the Live Better way.

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Have the best holiday ever.