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Author: Bret Gornik

The holiday season is a time to rejoice, give, embrace, and relax.  These joyful couple months give perspective on how to reflect upon the last year.  Seeing family and friends reconnects us with our roots.  Listening to holiday music, drinking hot chocolate, and shoveling snow gives us time to think.

I use this time as a way to drive creative process around the foundation of what Live Better stands for - helping everyone find ways to improve their life through positive action.  Creating a community where people want to thrive is key to progression.  I vote this season should have a focus of self-improvement.  When spirits are high and we are surrounded by the people we love, it is a great time to see what makes us happy. 

I have recently started using “The Five-Minute Journal” (as has co-founder Jason).  If you’re not familiar, the Journal provides daily morning and evening sections of self-reflection – you set an intention and mindset, reflect on what you want to accomplish, what you did accomplish, and what you might have gone back and done better.  This simple tool has driven my positive mindset, motivation, personal feedback, and progress over the last few months.   As we spend more time indoors during the winter months, this time can be used to reflect.

I invite you to set aside a few minutes each day during this season to focus on that reflection.  As we set new intention during the New Year, it is crucial to reflect on how you had the best year ever (the one we are about to finish). 

Personally, I am going to take time to write down my “top five moments of the year”.  I am then going to dive into why, how, and what made them so special.  Did it focus on self-improvement? Was it a relationship? Was it progress at work? Was it travel? I also encourage you to do the same.  Whatever those moments were, reflecting on them helps you progress as we move into the New Year.

The next step will be finding “five moments of improvement.”  These can be decisions or actions made that were not the best ever.  Was it a fight with a loved one?  Was it a poor business decision?  Was it not pushing yourself to reach a goal?  I will reflect on these areas of improvement, so that I may become a better version of myself in the New Year.  There are countless ways to improve.  Begin with the most important: self-reflection.

This holiday season will provide me with an opportunity for self-review, with the New Year providing me an opportunity to reset my goals.  I invite you to download the free template  by filling out the information below (also found in our E-Book store) to gather your thoughts about this year with the goal of always having the best day ever.  Share your posts on social media and tag @livebetterco so we can see how awesome your year was!

 Have The Best Holiday Season Ever!