Author: Jason Loebig

Recently, I have struggled to reconcile a very important concept in life - balance.

I find myself "primal" too often. I enjoy lifting weights 5-6 times per week, testosterone-fueled sparring matches, and pushing my physical boundaries. One of my favorite quotes from "The Four Hour Body", by Tim Ferriss goes something like, "My enthusiasm often outweighs my self-preservation." I like when my life is fast paced. I like to travel. I like adventure. I don't sleep much, or at least as much as I need to.

I find myself "peaceful" not often enough. I love doing yoga, but maybe indulge only once every two weeks. Meditation has been a slow learning process for me, but effective when I get around to being consistent. The flowers are there to smell, yet I mostly just admire their colors as I walk by (at a very, very brisk pace).

View from the top. Aspen, Colorado.

View from the top. Aspen, Colorado.

I need balance. I run through my batteries at 100 mph, but forget to slow down. I firmly believe a healthy balance of both "primal" and "peaceful" is necessary for a wonderful life. Too primal and you burn out. Too peaceful and you get stagnant.

How do we fix this? Once you get to the summit of the mountain, don't forget to sit down and enjoy it. Or, better yet, stop several times along the way. Love every step of the journey just as much as the last step to the top. Do not let achievement cloud your ability to appreciate.