Dr. Harden Podcast

Episode #18: Dr. Jacob Harden - Myodetox

Dr. Harden

Show Notes

2:00 What do you do?

4:05 What does your initial assessment process look like?

10:00 How do you deal with someone that wants to work and someone that doesn't want to work?

13:15 Do you develop your active over passive rehab technique?

25:10 Are you preplanning every session, or accesses each time you meet with someone?

29:10 What do you do for someone that reaches out via Instagram?

33:45 What does your program look like for a runner, both warm up and morning routine?

37:30 What is the goal with your Instagram account?

40:30 What does your training program look like?

48:10 How is it working with your wife?

56:00 What does your best day ever look like?








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