Doc Jen Podcast

Episode #17: Dr. Jen Esquer - Founder of The Mobility Method

Doc Jen - The Mobility Method

Show Notes

2:30 What are you currently up to?

3:00 Can you dive deeper into what you are doing in your clinic?

4:30 Can you talk about tools your use and the progression of a client? 

8:00 How do you differ from a standard Physical Therapist?

9:55 Can you talk about what tools you want clients to have at home?

13:45 What is a 5 - 10 minute mobility routine?

17:30 Do you have any recommendations about sleeping?

22:52 Do you have any postural exercises or moves to do?

27:00 Do you have a running warm up?

30:50 How do you feel about sports specific trainmen vs. training for general movement?

36:10 Would you rather fix someone's moment patterns or help them with weight lose first?

38:00 How do you have the conversation that something will take time?

41:15 Can you tell us why you love handstands?

43:50 How much importance do you put into playing?

46:15 Where do you start doing acro yoga?

49:45 What does your Best Day Ever look like?

52:13 Where can people find out more about Doc Jen?

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