Dickie Podcast

Episode #15: Dickie - Co-Founder of all things Maderas

Show Notes:


2:10 - What is Maderas Village?

3:20 - Give us some examples of the evolution of the village.

6:10 - How do you balance being relaxes while maintaining an attention to detail?

7:25 - What is Maderas biggest challenge?

8:47 - How do you handle challenging guests?

11:06 - Where did you vision start for Maderas?

14:00 - When you look ten year down the line where do you see everything evolving?

16:00 - What has been the singe coolest moment at Maderas Village?

17:37 - What are your personal goals and how do you separate personal from business goals?

21:20 - How do you personally influence the ecosystem that is Maderas Village?

25:30 - Who has come through Maderas that has changed your life?

30:05 - Do you have any routines that you follow?

32:10 - Do you every find yourself wanted to move back to a city?

34:20 - How do you handle speed changes in places like Manhattan vs. Nicaragua?

36:15 - Where do you like to go?

38:10 - What does your best day ever in Nicaragua look like?

39:15 - If you could give our listeners one bit of advice on how to Live Better, what would that be?






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