Cliff Hodges Podcast

EPISODE #4: Cliff Hodges - CEO & Founder of Adventure Out

Cliff Hodges


Adventure Out

00:10 Tell us about yourself. What do you do?  What has been your career path?

1:50 What are you favorite offerings Adventure Out provides?

2:45 What has been the most impactful or coolest experience you have had in your career?

4:30 Tell us your bear story.

9:40 Explain why you don't need much.

10:30 What is your morning routine in nature and at home and how do they differ?

13:25 If you had 5 ingredients to make a trail mix what would it be and why?

14:51 What are the top 5 to 10 items you bring with you in your travel bag?

17:00 What is your favorite food to find in nature?

17:59 What has been the biggest risk you have taken?

20:15 What risk would you recommend taking and why?

21:35 How has your philosophy on life changed as you have aged?

24:15 Tell us a little about your childhood.

26:20 What is your favorite travel destination and why? 

28:00 Who is one person you would love to meet and why?

30:20 What animal best describes you?

32:45 What is your number 1 fear in nature?

34:20 How do you get the most nature-adverse person out into the wild?

35:58 Has anyone ever hated nature?

38:20 How can people get outside when the live in a city?

41:00 What is your favorite question to ask someone?

43:18 Explain Crossfit

44:25 How does fitness play a role in your life larger that just being healthy?

45:45 Where should anyone begin their education to learn about being in the wilderness?

48:00 Can you prioritize your programs for those interesting in coming to Adventure Out?

50:00 How would you change the education of health in the US?

53:45 Who from your network would be great on our show?

56:58  Where can people find out more about you?

57:25 Do you have any new/upcoming projects in the works?


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