Bret Gornik Podcast

EPISODE #1: Bret Gornik - Live Better Co-Founder & Chief Optimization Officer

Bret Gornik - Co-Founder of Live Better

Show Notes

00:10 Explain your personal background and your career path up until now.

4:40 What has been your most impactful experience in health & wellness?

8:15 What is your morning routine?

19:10 What is your favorite smoothie or juice made with a Nutribullet

21:32 Do you do any long term scheduling (weekly or monthly)?

22:59 Where do you buy superfoods?

24:25 How can you earn more "decision fatigue points"?

26:00 What is the biggest risk you've ever taken?

27:30 What risk would you recommend everyone take in their own life?

31:00 How has your philosophy on life changed as you have aged?

36:25 What advice would you give yourself as you entered college/"the real world"?

40:00 Can you describe your childhood?

45:35 Who is one person you would love to meet?

47:17 What is your favorite travel destination?

51:05 What animal best describes you?

52:45 What is your favorite question to ask someone?

55:20 How does fitness play a role in your life?

58:05 Where can you find the tools to start exercising or learn about nutrition?

1:01:00 What books or websites do you recommend?

1:03:25 How would you change the system of health and nutrition?

1:06:55 Where can people find out more about you?

Links to products & People

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Nutribullet - Superfood Mixes 

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Tim Ferriss - Instagram Twitter Facebook Website   Book - 4 Hour Work Week

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