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The Purpose of Work: WHY We Do What We Do

by Live Better

Purpose > Passion.

There, we said it. Don't follow your passion, pursue your pupose.

If there’s anything we learned from changing careers, starting a business, and continuing to drive forward, it’s that purpose outweighs passion. Passion is (unfortunately) in limited supply, like motivation. Purpose, however, is everlasting. It is that deep burn, anxious butterfly brawl in your belly that keeps you up at night. It isn’t fleeting; it’s a calling that picks you.

For us, that desire led us to create Live Better. We’ve given you an overview before of what we do, but if you’re new to our family or unfamiliar, here is some context:

“Live Better is an experiential health and wellness company dedicated to solving dynamic health challenges.”

We train private clients, are Nike Trainers, teach at Barry’s Bootcamp, and operate within the corporate wellness space teaching workshops, training executive and leadership teams on mindfulness, nutrition, and travel to helping companies like United Airlines keep their laborers healthy while moving your checked bags. We specialize in teaching live events, creating media campaigns for brands and tourism boards, and advising corporate culture on wellness.

The culmination of our work…our purpose (AND our passion)…is to help upgrade the lives of our community through health and wellness. This led us to create Live Better Retreats.

This video is a testimonial recap of our last trip to El Salvador, which hosted 14 amazing people from around the US (all traveling solo!). Life-changing place, people, and memories.

A Live Better Wellness Retreat allows us the forum to create a life-changing experience. We take individuals, or small groups of people, and put them together in a beautiful destination for a week of self-reflection, discipline, fun, and sun. Without the distraction of home life (job, chores, social FOMO, errands, and cold weather…), you’re free to focus on exactly what you want to be doing. You (actually) have time to sit down and read, journal some thoughts on a new side hustle or reflect on a difficult time in your past, exercise every day, learn about yoga and mindfulness in an actionable way that helps you be better at [insert job description].

We give a one-on-one coaching session to each person that comes on the trip, and the relationship doesn’t end there. We regularly take class with those in Chicago, chat with those from out of town (or the US), and continue to provide a system of support long after the retreat is finished. While we can’t guarantee you’ll make friends for life, you’ll make friends for life. This group of like-minded wellness travelers might be on the trip for different reasons, but we share so many commonalities that make us similar; we face hardship, we work hard to correct our mistakes, we face our fears, and we pursue the things we want in life.

From one of our amazing participants:
“It’s safe to say that over the course of just six days, my time spent with Bret, Jason and the entire Live Better team changed my life for the better - pun intended. My story is a little unique in the fact that two weeks prior to the trip, I had just met Bret after a Barry’s Bootcamp class. At this time in my life, I was still overcoming severe anxiety, depression, and the overpowering feeling of loneliness in a city that promotes the opposite of all those things. After my quick and memorable chat with Bret and learning more about what Live Better does and stands for, I knew this trip could and would change my life. Never in my wildest imagination did I think I’d ever travel to the country of El Salvador, with 14 strangers, just for the sake of trying to “find myself” or seek some answers. Within those incredible six days: I met my new best friend, who ends up living just a few blocks from me in the city; I let go of self-doubt, and pressed the reset button on my future; I challenged myself, both mentally and physically, and on the other side came out stronger. The mantra “best day ever” is truly what I strive for each and every day, and I cannot put into words how incredibly thankful I am to have met Bret, Jason, and Ryland, and to have said YES to trusting the process.”

— Lauren F // El Salvador // November 2018

For us, these weeks are the most rewarding work we get to do. We combine our love for movement (running, surfing, training, mobility, yoga) with nutrition, meditation, routine building, coaching, teaching, and travel, and put every ounce of our heart and soul into capturing the purpose of our mission; change lives for the better using health and wellness.

We share some hard stories. We share some funny stories. And we share some uplifting stories. What truly matters is that we share in this experience (called “life), and we do it around people that care about us and care about making an impact on the world. There are no trivial elevator conversations. You’ll find yourself in the clearest headspace you’ve ever been in, and in these moments of (extreme) clarity, the path of your future is clear.

We then apply the tools to set up a disciplined structure of consistency and habit to realize this future.

When you look inward, ask yourself, “Am I making the difference in the world that I want to see?” Am I contributing to the challenges the world faces, or am I doing something about upgrading the quality of life for those whom I care about?

This is purpose. Passion is just what you layer on top.

You’ll come away being able to answer these three questions:

  1. Do I find purpose in what I do for work?

  2. Do I enjoy what I do for work?

  3. Do I like the people I spend time with at work?

  4. What impact am I making on the world?

If the answer to any of those questions is “no”, we’ll encourage you however you need. Maybe you're letting fear or insecurity dictate what you do - we’ll remove the blindfold. Maybe you’re letting other people in your life create expectations that aren’t your own, whether that be parents, mentors, bosses, or friends - we’ll figure out your support system.

When the notebook we give you is filled to the brim with notes and ideas by the end of the week, you’ll have answered the age old question we torture ourselves with, “Do I have the courage to be myself in life?”

Who else do you have the choice of being?

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