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How To Build The "Best Day Ever" Mindset

by Live Better

Let us first tell you what this month will NOT be about. It will not be about fluffy motivation, hand-holding appeasement of your excuses, or "we'll get 'em next time" feel-good patting on the back.

There is no purpose to motivational quotes without action to follow, and it is no help to hand out undeserved praise. It is about (self) rewarding effort and consistency.

If you want to develop the way you approach life in a stronger, more resilient way, we must practice the way in which we make decisions, act, and evaluate our behavior. Your body is capable of doing great things; your mind is the power (or brakes) to the train.

We call it the "Best Day Ever" mindset. 

If you're new to Live Better, we have a different way of doing things. We're not your motivational gurus, and we're not your best friend's shoulder to cry on. We're going to give you an honest assessment of where you're at, give you the tools you need to solve problems, and surround and connect you with other amazing human beings trying to do the same thing.

We don't care who you are (CEO, athlete, founder, musician, banker, lawyer, sales clerk....); you can always get to the next level. It's your next level and no one else's.

Throughout June, we'll present a four-step plan to the way we evaluate our mindset, give you actionable strategies to help develop in each step, and ways to bridge the gap between steps.

It is not goals that get you to where you're going (consistently), but the processes you put in place (which include goal setting) to ensure you can repeat wins time and time again.

The "Best Day Ever" Mindset:
Step 1 - Detox
Step 2 - First Principles & Processes
Step 3 - Performance
Step 4 - Risk. Review. Repeat

The process in week one will start with a detox - think of it as an "elimination diet for the mind." We simply have too many inputs telling us what to do, what to focus on, where to go, how to live...but have you ever actually shut off all of that noise and asked yourself those questions? We're going to Marie Kondo your headspace.

Week two will develop your "first principles."
From René Descartes' Principles of Philosophy:
"We must commence with the investigation of those first causes which are called Principles. Now these principles must possess two conditions: in the first place, they must be so clear and evident that the human mind, when it attentively considers them, cannot doubt of their truth; in the second place, the knowledge of other things must be so dependent on them as that though the principles themselves may indeed be known apart from what depends on them, the latter cannot nevertheless be known apart from the former."

In English, you must develop ways in which you think and act that you cannot doubt they are your truth. In other words, YOU DECIDE WHAT ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS IN YOUR LIFE. The second bolded section says that all other things are based on these principles; in essence, they guide the way you live. If you don't know what you stand for (your personal "mission statement"), you'll fall for the next best thing. It's a huge reason why people fail at health goals; they chase instant gratification through novelty instead of truly sticking to skill development and good ole hard work.

Week three dives into performance. This is our athlete or championship mindset. It is how we will actually approach the "doing" part of life; how do we show up for big moments? How do we perform at work, in our relationships, in pursuit of good health, etc. Without performance, there is no success.

It is here we talk about goal setting as well, and why goals within processes are important. They help build a case study for our process, which later allows us to refine that process.

Example: you want to run a marathon. What is your process for getting ready to run? What do you eat? What do you wear? How many days a week do you run? How far? We build a process, then we set a goal. "I want to run a sub 3-hour marathon on October 13th, 2019." Great, now we test that process around this goal.

Week four will be about putting your money where your mouth is - risk(success/failure) by doing. We then (honestly) review our four step plan and evaluate whether we set ourselves up for success. Then, repeat.

If we succeeded, great - dream bigger.

If we failed, great - try again (but better).

This is growth.

This is what makes you a champion. This is stepping foot in the arena to make yourself a better human being, no matter the focus. You can use this plan for your health, relationships, or business. The more specific you are about what you what to accomplish, the more specific (and BIG) your success will be.

Your body and mind are inextricably linked. There is no physical performance without mental resilience, and physical grit bolsters mental grit. You cannot be a good spouse without managing your mental health, and you cannot be a good employee by only "working when you feel like it." How do we set up our mindset to handle the stress of life? Life is complicated, largely due to factors out of our control.

It is "won" by making the factors that are under our control work in ways that support and encourage us.

Ready to get to work?

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