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How To Build The "Best Day Ever" Mindset: Step Three - Performance

by Live Better

The most difficult step of all is Performance. Time to put your money where your mouth is.

In step one (Detox), we got rid of the things we didn’t need. Strip our lives (read: mental and physical wellness) down to the bare essentials and we become (initially) more efficient. In step two (First Principles & Processes), we created our “mission statement” - this is why we’re doing the things we’re doing. We've got our plan set in stone. Now for the fun part...

Step three is actually doing it. An idea, un-actioned, will always remain a dream. What makes dreams different from memories is that memories actually take place in real life.

Remember that time you took a risk and started your own business or non-profit? Hopefully. Isn’t it always the things we didn’t do that actually bother us? Should-haves and could-haves can be replaced with trophies and/or scars. The blood, sweat, and tears mean something when we give our best effort; win or lose, at least we were "in the arena."

This applies whether you’re a professional athlete, work in logistics sales, are an entrepreneur, teacher or student, rich or poor...Performance is doing.

Developing a “champions” mindset is a key strategy available to everyone attempting to be better. How do we show up when life is on the line and get the job done? How do we perform at work, in our relationships, in pursuit of good health, or simply in making ourselves proud of our effort?

What sets a consistent winner apart from the pack?

It’s all in the preparation. It is the work that was put in behind closed doors. The countless hours of practice, struggle, routine, and incremental progress. A winner has decided to risk winning or losing - that is step one. Step two is the winner has decided to win already, before stepping foot into action (even if they don’t actually win).

In terms of mental health, this means surrounding ourselves with people who support us, push us, and encourage us. It means actively choosing to be positive rather than negative. It means seeing the good in life rather than the evil, even in spite of tragedy (easier said than done, but it can be done). It also means to show vulnerability and ask for help when needed.

In terms of physical health, it means putting our body in the best possible position to handle the stress of life, whether that mean late nights or early mornings. Aesthetics are fun to focus on, but they do little to handle the extreme life circumstances that we are often presented with. Your abs may get you a few extra looks at the beach, but taking care of your heart will potentially extend years on your life with which you can spend on your grandkids. The recovery work will extend your performance longevity (which you’ll only notice when an injury occurs and takes it all away from you).

“He who loves his body more than dominion over the empire can be given custody of the empire.” - Lao Tzu

We take enough care of ourselves that we are fully capable of helping others with the full force of our gifts, energy, and unique attributes.

A champion doesn’t leave these things to chance. They make their own luck, their own fortune, through years of practice and hard work despite the overwhelming odds and stressors telling them to quit. A champion’s mindset means internalizing that with a day to day focus. It means waking up on the right side of the bed because you choose to do so.

Performance isn’t always winning. Sometimes it’s just completing the first step, which is taking a risk. It’s being willing to lose, look like a beginner, and try something that’s never been done before (even if that’s just by you). It's doing.

“Winning” doesn’t have to include a stage, recognition, and trophies. It may be the voice in your head that says "I can and I did” instead of “I don’t know and I wish I would have.” Your world expands exponentially with the amount of risk you are willing to take. The fool is truly the person that never tries; they never know their full potential.

The only question is, are you a champion?

Today, you will perform because you decide to.

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