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“How to Have the Best Day Ever” (003/005): You Are the Average of the Five People You Spend the Most "Time" With

by Live Better

It’s no surprise that we start to think and behave like the people we hang out with. We start to assimilate their goals, lifestyle, and wants. Better choose wisely.

We have talked about finding mentors and building a "board of advisors" when we quit our jobs - we heavily relied (and continue to rely) on these people to build the life we want. Our retreats create environments for like-minded people to come together to grow, free of the distractions of a consumption-driven culture in big city life. We utilize other health coaches to get bigger, faster, stronger, and mentally healthier as well.

Everyone needs accountability, and we can't do it alone.

Here are the three areas we suggest focusing on for evaluating the people in your life:

1) Health

2) Business

3) Recreation

ACTION ITEM #1: Right now, write down 3 people for each category that make up your “board of advisors.” Communicate to them explicitly that you rely on their advice for your own success - create external accountability.

ACTION ITEM #2: Text them right now, ask permission to have them keep you accountable, and tell them thank you.

Consider why these people make up your "board of advisors." What relationships in your life are essential to you? Which relationships no longer serve you in any capacity, or may be holding you back? These “teams” are flexible and will change as you change. One of the hardest things in life is to let go of people that no longer support your goals and vision for the future. The memories will not be forgotten, but spending time with people who do not support your future is holding you back. Maybe they fall under the "recreation" category, only coming into your life once in a while - this doesn't mean you don't let them know you love them. Just be considerate of your time and energy - it will flow where you let it.

Note: some of these people you may never meet. Maybe it's a podcast you listen to every day. Maybe it's your favorite author that inspires you with words, encouragement, or advice. Consider each person a "teacher", and be a lifelong student.

At Live Better, we try and do several things to create different types of "communities" to support you. We've got several forms of social accountability, including our Retreat Experiences, the Live Better Book Club, summer fitness events (see below), and privately providing personal training and performance coaching to clients. We encourage you to find things locally that support you in all three areas of Health, Business, and Recreation.

Rumi couldn't have said it any better: “Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.”

Live Better Book Club!
Did you know that we've started a book club? This is going world wide (hint: you can join via Google Hangout from anywhere in the world, from your van in the mountains to your office in Manhattan), but if you're in Chicago please join us in person. You'll meet some wonderful people, have great conversation, and learn something in the process. We'd love to have you join - if interested, please follow the link below!

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