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“How to Have the Best Day Ever”: People overestimate what they can do in a day and underestimate what they can do in a year.

by Live Better

Let’s first run through how our emotions rollercoaster on a day to day basis. Lots of us are late, overwhelmed, and stressed, running from one meeting to the next, answering calls, emails, and texts in between.

We have an impossible time prioritizing what's important; how often do you say, "Well I was too busy to workout today" or "The day just slipped by and I never got around to it."

Our mental health suffers as a result; chronic stress layers on thick and a negative cycle perpetuates. We’re depressed thinking about the past, anxious thinking about the future, and stressed in the present.

But what happens when we re-evaluate these emotions? What if we decided to be grateful for our yesterday, hopeful about our tomorrow, and content with our present?

How do we create that on a day to day basis? By creating a framework that we can repeat through routines, and then applying better goal-setting strategies to execute. Efficiency meets effectiveness. Prioritizing well being becomes the highest priority.

Let's start with a better goal setting strategy (and how to split them up) broken down by day, month, and year.

We can break any (S.M.A.R.T.) goal into three categories:

Micro: “daily”

Meso: “monthly” (or “quarterly”)

Macro: “annually”

What are you doing each and every day to achieve your long-term success? Hail Mary’s don’t work every time. As Ryan Munsey might say, we must “move the chains” one effort at a time.

We'll start with a health example, but you are capable of doing this for your relationships, your business...anything.

macro meso micro tracking

This graphic shows an easy way to break down your goal by short-term and long-term focus. It also mentions the most important part of any good strategy; tracking. Without measurement, you are winging it.

Macro Goal: Run the 2019 Chicago Marathon on October 13, 2019 in under 3 hours.

Meso Goal: In August, I will run 40 miles per week (on average)

Micro Goal: Today, I will run 4 miles at an "easy" pace (8:00 min/mile)

Tracking: To track my mileage, I will use the Nike+ Run Club App each day, and reevaluate my progress at the end of each month.

Marathon endurance is built up day by day, not all at once. This type of breakdown can apply to more than just health strategies.

This might seem “shallow” to do with relationships, but consider how easy it has been for you to lose touch with someone you once loved or cared for? People move away, get “busy”, and find excuses not to communicate.

If you want to develop something, especially over the long-term, we must learn to make time for it. Success is repeatable with the right framework. Think BIG, but act small each day, whether for health, business, or our relationships.

Long-term consistency trumps short-term intensity over a lifetime.