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How To Build The "Best Day Ever" Mindset: Step One - Detox

by Live Better

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."
- Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Our culture is obsessed with addition. We overconsume, overindulge, and underappreciate what we actually do have. We're looking for the next best thing instead of developing the thing(s) we have right in front of us.

Step one in developing the "Best Day Ever Mindset" is to detox. Similar to the way you can (and should) detox your body (potentially after a "rough" weekend), you can do the same for your mind.

We are inundated with inputs; they come from all directions telling us which diet to follow, which workout trend is hot, a 24-hour news cycle that doesn't tell us anything but things gone wrong, and motivational quotes that dot your notebooks from inspiration gurus that have been left un-actioned.

In spite of this, we are capable of controlling what we intake. Even if we passively consume information (e.g. we overhear someone complaining or a TV is on in the background), we can certainly actively choose to retain or discard that information.

At Live Better, we teach strategies on mindfulness, such as meditation, to teach our brain to rewire the way we think. In an age of on-demand information and instant feedback, we are "overwhelmed" with other people trying to get us to do something. 

Instead, we promote “active mindfulness”; how can we go on offense to control our inputs to produce better outputs. We aim to decrease our time spent being “busy” and increase our time spent being productive, mindful, and purposeful.

Think of this "detox" step as an "elimination diet for the mind." We're going on offense - let's Marie Kondo the $#1t out of our headspace and make it work for us...instead of overwhelm us.

The first phase of the detox process is to subtract.

Subtract anything that doesn't serve your top priorities. How many trainers do you need to follow? How many Gary Vee's are flooding your IG feed? "Unfollow" (read: discard old reading material) anything or anyone that doesn't fit your immediate goals.

If you're focused on your relationship, put the phone, computer, tablet, and TV remote down entirely - make eye contact with the person in front of you.

Stop aimlessly scrolling and handle your business.

Detox people that don't serve you (this could be long or short-term). Detox entertainment that doesn't serve being productive with your time or creative energy.

"Overwhelm" occurs when all the small, individual tasks (we'd otherwise be able to handle if presented with separately) add up and we are incapable of prioritizing what's most important; after all, "everything needs to be done right now" (says every (bad) boss, ever).

The second phase of the detox process is to specify.

In physical training, we work with a principle all the time called the "Principle of Specificity" - it is as it sounds; what we give specific focus to gets better. Get clear on what you want, and don't pick 100 things at once.

If you're not clear on what you want, you may discard things that actually matter. If you're not thinking clearly (and being clear about what you want), you'll just get frustrated.

The third phase of the detox process is to simplify.

What is the one thing that will lever success? Maybe the right question is "what is the first thing you can do to kickstart momentum?" Simplicity is sustainable.

If you're constantly experiencing "FOMO" about what everyone else is doing on Instagram...stop looking at Instagram. It is addicting. Plenty of these "inputs" are addicting - they make us feel like a grander part of something...except that it isn't happening in real life. We lack the real experience, we lack the real growth, and ultimately we lack the real connection we are seeking.

Add this on top of a mounting pile of work and personal obligations and we never feel like we're getting anywhere.

It's all noise. The only things that "matter" are things we determine to matter - we give them weight by giving them priority, attention, and value.

The first step in developing a stronger mind is to eliminate the things that are causing your weakness. We cannot tell you which things those are; only you can decide what you want and how you want to get there. On our roadmap, eliminate first until you hit the basics and the necessities.

The three S's: Subtract, Specify, Simplify.

The most important conversation you have all day is the conversation you have with yourself. Is it one of "job well done" or one of "I just can't seem to get anything done today"?

You control what you consume and how you consume it; otherwise, someone else will decide for you.

Once we detox, then we can better develop "first principles," which we'll discuss next week.

When all the chatter dies down, what is the voice in your head telling you?

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