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The "Funnest" Day Ever - Plan The Most Epic Day For You

You have 365 days a year.  Take .27% of that (one day) and plan the most fun day ever for yourself.  Of course, we plan to go to concerts (just saw Zac Brown Band - EPIC), travel (currently in El Salvador - LIT), or hang out with friends (had an amazing dinner party last weekend - AWESOME), but you can do more.  It's your day, and of course, this can happen more than once a year, but put some serious time into yourself and plan the "funnest" day ever.  Each year your passions will change, what you find as enjoyable will change, and where you are in your life will change, but your sense of fun will always be there.

We all put a lot of time into our careers, relationships, and growth, so now it's time for you.  Take the next few weeks to sit down and plan what your ideal day would look like.  Then make it happen.  Think about how much you can do in a day and turn that ideal day into a reality.  Really, think about this, map out everything you love doing and just plan that in your day.  It can be simple things like reading, writing, and running, along with big things like, exploring and creating.  Set a date.  Rip it.

Why do this?

You deserve this day.  A day full of your favorite activities and emotions.  It's about what makes you happy.  The most interesting part about planning this day is to take into consideration why certain things make you happy.  Reflect on what really makes you happy.  If your day is full of doing things with others, you can look into how important your friends or family are in your life.  If you day is about helping others, then you reflect on what meaning that has to you.  If you notice your day is full of "things" like shopping for new shoes, take time to dive into if the possession is what really makes your happy or is it the experience of being with your best friend and enjoying the conversations you had together.  Finding this deep meaning of happiness can make you realize that you can have this same outlook every single day.

After your day, you can look back and think about what you got out of the day.  What really made you happy?  What about your "funnest" day ever was the best!  Take some time to look beyond maybe the epic concert with friends into the deeper meaning that the music and getting together with that group that only gets together a few items a year really means to you.

How to plan

Step 1:  Make a list of the "funnest" things you did last year

Step 2: Make a list of what makes you happy on the daily

Step 3: Pick your favorite time of year

Step 4: Divide activities into time of day

Step 5: Create a day timeline

Step 6: Set the day

Step 7: Crush it!

The cool thing about this day, if you don't have to tell anyone you're doing it.  Just involve whomever you want to involve and plan the day with/without them.  Be where you want to be.  This can be your favorite place or a place you've never been.

Create your day.  Analyze it. Enjoy it.  Reflect upon it. 

Have the best day ever.

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