Abel James Podcast

EPISODE #3: Abel James - Author of "The Wild Diet" & "The Fat-Burning Man Show"

Abel James


The Fat Burning Man

00:15 Tell us about yourself and what you do. 

1:30  Can you give us the Wild Diet 101?

3:00 Explain the "83% Paleo" shirt.

4:40 What led you to become the "Fat Burning Man"?

8:07 How did you lose 20 pounds in just over a month?

10:15 How quickly did you start seeing results when you made these diet changes?

12:39 What goes on inside the body during significant change?

16:28 What has been your coolest or most impactful experience in health?

19:15 What is your relationship with coffee?

23:10 Can you explain your morning routine? What does the first hour of your day look like?

29:30 What is one dietary recommendation you would give to someone who is struggling with weight loss?

33:10 What is your biggest fear about giving advice over the internet?

37:10 What is the biggest risk you have ever taken?

42:10 How old were you when you quit consulting?

42:45 What risk would you recommend taking?

44:53 What are three fundamentals you would highlight in creating a successful brand?

48:53 What are your hobbies outside of health and fitness?

50:30 Explain how you know Tim McGraw, his band and what they do to workout.

53:20 How has your philosophy on life changed as you have aged?

(56:00 Sorry!  The tornado siren decided to go off right here haha)

57:10 Can you give us insight into your childhood and growing up?

59:40 Who is one person your haven't met yet, would love to meet, and why?

1:01:53 What animal best describes you?

1:02:40 What is your favorite travel destination? Why?

1:04:08 What is your favorite question to ask someone?

1:04:45 How would you change the education of health?

1:06:10 Where can everyone find our more about Abel James and The Fat Burning Man?


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