What is Live Better?

Live Better is a movement that celebrates and supports any individual who is improving their life and the lives of others around them.

We aim to achieve this goal by hosting international private and corporate wellness retreats, crafting unique live experiences and collaborations, and creating shiver-inducing content that influences, inspires, and motivates our community.

It's the pursuit of the best day ever, every single day.


The Live Better Team

Like-minded individuals on the pursuit of the best day ever, every single day. Catch one napping while the other is editing, catch another climbing mountains while the other lives aboard his boat.

Ask for a hug, you'll get two back.

Family > Everything.

Jason Loebig

Co-Founder & Chief Life Officer

Bret Gornik

Co-Founder & Chief Ham Officer


Ryland Hormel

Chief Creative Officer





What is a Live Better Retreat?

Live Better Retreats have one mission: Bring together cool people doing cool things around the world to expand our perspective, find our passion, and live the best life ever.

It's living life, well, at the next level.

The retreats focus on all things wellness: physical, mental, social, and spiritual. It's combining the benefits of fitness, nutrition, sleep management, stress-reducing techniques, creativity sparks and flow states to achieve your full potential.

Surf, yoga, think, write, drink, laugh, reset, and create.



Want to host your next corporate retreat with us?

Live Better also hosts corporate retreats with custom-tailored wellness programming to the needs, wishes, and wants of each company.

We shoot content throughout the retreat to be used for firm recruiting tools, internal media assets, and PR needs.

Let us help your firm live better.


Live Experiences

Live Experiences


What is a live experience?

Live Better believes in the power of collaboration - put together the smartest, most creative, and passionate people and magic happens. We have taught yoga for crowds of 100+, been guest speakers at wellness events, and often times host our own unique events (e.g. yoga at "The Bean" in Chicago).

We've worked with brands like A Sweat Life for #Sweatworking & Daybreaker.

If you're interested in collaborating with Live Better, please submit an inquiry below.


Content Creation

Content Creation


Interested to collaborate with Live Better?

Live Better works with brands, agencies, and travel boards to create shiver-inducing influencer content through our unique wellness lens. We travel, collaborate, and create content that supports a synergistic vision of "living better." We use photo, video, and live experiences to promote things and people we love through social media and delivery of assets for private use.